How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft?

breed sheep in minecraft

In Minecraft, a lot of peaceful mobs may be bred. One of the first activities in Minecraft is sheep breeding. It all began during the very early days of the game’s Java Edition Classic version.

Sheep may be crossed with other sheep to produce a variety of coloured offspring in addition to being bred. Sheep breeding can be a tonne of fun for both experienced and novice Minecraft players.
Here is all the information a player requires for sheep breeding in Minecraft.

Complete Guide

How to Breed Sheep in Minecraft?

breed sheep in minecraft

How to Get Wheat

Two sheep and a few wheat items are required for sheep breeding in Minecraft. In a hamlet with an established wheat farm or on their own, players can obtain wheat through farming.

Digging through tall grass to obtain seeds will allow players to create their own farms. The player may then plant seeds in the fertilized earth by using a hoe to fertilize the soil. The seeds will sprout into a wheat plant if the player waits long enough. Then, after harvesting it, players should give it to the sheep they want to breed.


feeding sheep with wheat

By performing a right-click on an adult sheep, the player should feed it wheat. After the sheep have been fed, players should notice hearts all around them. A young sheep will be born if the player feeds two of these adult sheep in the same place at the same time.

Who among the guys wouldn’t desire to raise sheep? Sheep are charming and add appeal to any player’s property. Players would previously have to wait for sheep to organically produce or lure them into their farm with wheat. Breeding sheep is a relatively simple technique to obtain additional sheep into a survival farm. Both of those procedures may need some time.

patterned sheep

breed sheep in minecraft
The variety of hues that may be achieved while breeding sheep is its finest feature. There are two techniques to alter the colour of sheep’s wool. One method is to right-click on the sheep while holding a dye and colour it directly. The alternative method involves colouring two distinct sheep with two different primary colours and then breeding the resulting offspring to generate a secondary colour.


This chart was made by Redditor u/LilPeabnut to show how to breed sheep for various hues.

In Minecraft, only a few fundamental colours may be used to breed for secondary colours. In comparison to actual colour mechanics, those in Minecraft operate quite differently.

Players would anticipate getting lime green, for instance, after combining yellow and dark green lambs, but this is not the case. Breeding a white sheep with a dark green sheep is the only method to get lime green. There are several more colour combinations that resemble this one.






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