Valheim Workbench: How to build and upgrade the best workbench in Valheim?

As you spend more time in Valheim, you will want a fully upgraded workbench to craft and repair weapons, tools, furniture, and more. You will always need one nearby. But getting your hands on one is not that difficult.

Valheim workbench is one of the most crucial items in the game. Especially when you realize that apart from survival the second most important factor in the game is crafting. You will need a few items to set up a workbench initially. But once you set it up, it will unlock rare and valuable recipes that will help you progress in the game.

In this guide, you will learn exactly how to build the workbench from scratch and then upgrade it to enhance its efficiency. If you have just started playing Valheim make sure to read our beginners guide.

Now let’s get into the guide to building and upgrading the workbench in Valheim.

How to build the Valheim workbench

To build a workbench you need 10 pieces of wood. You can acquire wood early on by collecting branches on the floor. But it would be better if you craft a stone ax as you can use it to chop down trees much faster.

To unlock the Valheim workbench recipe you will need to craft a hammer. Switch to the hammer and click the right mouse button to open the build menu. Select the crafting tab, choose the workbench and place it on the floor.

Hammer to unlock Valheim workbench

Shortly after building the workbench, you will be prompted to create a roof for your crafting station. This is where your stone ax will come in especially handy. It is the perfect time to begin building your basic wooden house. You will need it to shelter your workbench before you can use it. Although if you are in a rush you can create a tiny shelter exclusively for your workbench just like the one shown in the image below.

shelter for Valheim workbench

How to upgrade Valheim workbench

Upgrading your workbench is straightforward. All you need to do is place-specific items close to it. These are easy to spot as they are marked by a star on your hammer’s crafting menu. However, you have to spend some time exploring to get all the materials you will need to craft these items. After collecting the necessary materials you will unlock the recipes required for each one.

Now let’s see the items you will need to upgrade the workbench and also how to find them.

  • Chopping Block:

chopping block

To craft the chopping block you will need wood and flint. Both can be found in the meadows but flint is found near bodies of water.

  • Tanning Rack:

tanninng rack

A tanning rack needs additional items that require you to hunt boars and deers for their hide and leather scraps.

  • Adze:

Adze for Valheim workbench

You will need a forge before you can craft an adze. You need bronze for this recipe which is created by combining copper and tin in a forge. Further, you need to chop down fine wood from birch and oak trees which requires a bronze ax.

  • Tool Shelf:

tool shelf

The trickiest upgrade to unlock is by far the tool shelf. Head to the swamp to mile muddy scrap piles in the sunken crypts. This provides you with scrap iron which you will need to smelt to get iron. You will also need obsidian which can be found in the mountains. But make sure you have your trusty iron pickaxe on you for this.

Every time you place one of these items nearby, your workbench level will increase. This also means you can level up your tools as you level up your crafting station. Now that you have fully upgraded your workbench you can spend less time crafting and more time exploring your island and beating bosses.

I hope this guide helps you in upgrading your Valheim workbench. If you have any more queries or suggestions, do mention them in the comment section below.


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