How to Cancel Minecraft Realms?  Easy Guide

How to Cancel Minecraft Realms?

Cancel Minecraft Realms

Mojang provides an amazing service called Minecraft Realms. In most multiplayer worlds, for anybody to join, the owner must be online and present. On the Realms server, you can play with up to eleven other people (including the owner).

It’s an excellent service that is also reasonably priced. It isn’t flawless either. Being an internet-based service, it has its share of problems.
Even so, it’s really great, but that doesn’t mean everyone should use it or keep a subscription.

Users might not want to pay for a membership they won’t use for a few months because interest in the game might ebb and flow. It is simple to cancel in this case or for any other reason. How? Read on.

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How to Cancel Minecraft Realms?

Cancel Minecraft Realms

Mobile devices make canceling a Realms membership the simplest option. The Pocket Edition app for gamers typically loads more quickly than a console or computer.

There is, however, a method that is much simpler that does not require using the app at all. Here are the steps for iPhone:

Launch Settings.
The Apple ID account is clickable at the top.
Then choose Subscriptions.
To discover the Minecraft: Pocket Edition subscription, go through the active and inactive ones.
Just click it.
Select Cancel.
To revoke and end the application, confirm.
Players may follow a similar path in their settings on Android. Click Manage Subscriptions and locate the realms subscription under “Payments & Subscriptions” under settings.


it’s slightly trickier but still simple to complete. Users must go to Settings and then Manage Subscriptions on all consoles in order to cancel.

Each console and gadget is unique and will direct players to the store where they purchased the subscription.


Open Account Management and sign in.
the left menu should be opened.
Choosing Subscription
Choose “Turn Off Auto-Renew” on Minecraft Realms Plus.
This will end the subscription on the date it normally would have been renewed.



Visit the Microsoft Account page, make sure the right account is signed in, locate the realm, and then click “Manage subscription” to cancel.

Cancel Minecraft Realms

Sign in by going to Services & Subscriptions. The subscription must be associated with the same account for this to operate. Locate Microsoft Realms Plus. Click “Manage,” then click “Cancel,” and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Although many players have experienced difficulties canceling on the Nintendo Switch, the procedure should essentially be the same. They should be able to manage their membership from Settings in the app, where they can go to find it.


One advantage of purchasing a Minecraft Realms Plus subscription is that it is not terminated when users cancel. Contrarily, the subscription is valid for the remaining days of the month.

The subscription to Realms now expires on whatever the renewal date was. Individuals will continue to have access until then.


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