How To Catch A Squid: Stardew Valley

A seasonal animal, the squid can only be caught in the winter. With only one season and a limited window of availability from 6 PM to 2 AM, it can be difficult to catch. If you want to catch it, don’t waste your time on the nearby rivers, lakes, or ponds because you can only fish for it from the ocean.

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The Squid can also be discovered if you manage to catch the Traveling Cart or in any of the town’s trash cans. The latter will cost you between 240 and 1000g if you decide to purchase it.

Stardew Valley, a popular independent farming role-playing game, has experienced enormous growth in both popularity and scope since its 2016 debut. When they first arrive in Pelican Town, players have absolutely nothing, and they must use farming, mining, and fishing to increase their wealth. One of the most significant pastimes in Stardew Valley is fishing, which is also a fantastic way to get money and crafts supplies.

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In Stardew Valley, players can capture roughly a hundred different varieties of fish, but not all of them are simple to locate. The Squid is one of the most challenging fish for players to locate and reel in since it can only be caught under extremely particular circumstances.

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Where to Catch a Squid

After midnight is the greatest time to go squid fishing. Get Willy to take it. If you caught it on his dock, be sure to go there before he goes to bed because he typically gets home extremely late at night.

Fishing rod is the first requirement for capturing a squid in Stardew Valley. This may be done as early as Spring 2 by finishing the “To The Beach” quest. However, because to their higher than usual difficulty, it is advised that players use the Fiberglass or Iridium Rod with bait and tackle when attempting to catch a Squid.

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Players will need to wait till the conditions are ideal for capturing these creatures after obtaining their rod, preferably along with some quality bait and tackle. Squid, like almost all fish in Stardew Valley, can only be caught when the conditions are right:

  • Location: Beach or Beach Farm
  • Season: Winter
  • Time of Day: 6pm – 2am
  • Weather: Any

Because it is a sinker-type fish, the squid frequently drifts toward the bottom of the fishing minigame in Stardew Valley before jerking forcefully upward. Despite this tendency, a player with a strong fishing level and rod should be able to catch it rather easily.

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What To Do With The Squid

In Stardew Valley, squids are a moderately valuable item with a base price ranging from 80 to 160g depending on their quality. These creatures are also necessary to finish a number of quests, including a Willy autoquest on Winter too. These creatures can also be used in a few different cooking and crafting recipes, including the following:

Fried Calamari – Food that somewhat improves health and endurance.

  • 1 Squid
  • 1 Wheat Flour
  • 1 Oil

Maki Roll – Foods that restore a lot of health and strength.

  • 1 Any Fish
  • 1 Seaweed
  • 1 Rice

Quality Fertilizer – Improves soil quality, increasing the likelihood of a harvest of silver or gold quality.

  • 1 Any Fish
  • 2 Sap

Sashimi – A somewhat health- and stamina-restoring food.

  • Any Fish

Additionally, squid can be placed in fish ponds, where they will reproduce one every three days. Squid, in contrast to the majority of fish in Stardew Valley’s Fish Ponds, do not generate roe. Instead, they make squid ink, a rare ingredient that Elliott loves to receive as a gift and that is utilized.

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