How To Catch Legendary Fish: Stardew Valley

The game’s most difficult fish to catch are those in Stardew Valley is Legendary fish, and many of them have conditions that players must meet in order to locate them.

legendry fish

Among the Stardew Valley collections that players can complete, catching every fish is a significant task. Players may need to play much past the first year of gaming to finish the collection because there are 83 different fish species, each with a varied capture difficulty. The fact that five of the species are regarded as “Legendary” fish and have specific prerequisites before players can attempt to catch them adds to the difficulty of this task.

On the Stardew Valley map, there are numerous locations where fish can be caught. In addition to lakes, rivers, ponds, and the ocean, species can also be found in less common places such the murky water in the sewers and the pools of water on some mining levels. Fish species can appear in any weather, at any time of day, throughout the year, or they can only appear during specific seasons and weather patterns. For instance, the eel can only be caught in the water between the hours of 4 PM and 2 AM during the spring. Legendary fish species tend to behave in similar ways, with some having no fishing restrictions and others needing precise timing throughout the year.

The best fishing pole and lure can assist enhance the likelihood of receiving a rare bite. Players who are getting set to hunt for the Legendary fish should be aware that they are considerably harder to capture than other species in Stardew Valley. Before setting out on the quest to catch the “Big Ones,” players will want to make sure they have spent time honing their fishing techniques on less rare species. Some of these Legendary fish also require players to be a particular fishing level in order to be caught.

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How To Catch Legendary Fish

To ensure they have the best chance of coming across and reeling in the slippery, elusive Legendary Fish, Stardew Valley players need complete a few crucial tasks before setting out to go Legendary fishing. They must first get a level 6 fishing skill at the very least. By doing this, Willy’s Stardew Valley Iridium Fishing rod, which costs 7500G, becomes available. Players can upgrade their rods with Bait and Tackle by using the Iridium rod.

The gamer will need to either buy or make enough of bait and a number of trap bobbers. Each piece of bait costs 5G, and it can also be made with bug meat. Trap Bobbers can be bought for 500G or made for 10 Sap and 1 Copper Bar. Additionally, players will want to acquire a stack of lobster bisque to consume because it boosts fishing abilities by +3 and replenishes energy by 50. Since the boon lasts about 17 minutes, it is wise to prepare food in advance.

Players will be able to consult the data supplied below, according to the Stardew Fan Wiki, once the necessary preparations have been performed, to determine whether any further special conditions will need to be satisfied in order to successfully catch the Legendary fish.

Angler Fish

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On the shaky wooden bridge above the Joja Mart, one can find the Legendary Angler Fish of Stardew Valley. Angler fish may only be found with a base fishing skill level of 3. Players can reel them in at any time of year, but they can only be caught during the Fall season. They are more about the achievement than the money because their value ranges from 900 to 1800 grams.


legendry fish


You can catch the fabled Crimsonfish from Stardew Valley at the East Pier in the water. It can only be found in the summer and needs a minimum fishing level of 5. Despite the fact that the Crimsonfish may be caught in any kind of weather, players can only catch it between the hours of 6AM and 8PM, so they should avoid trying to go Legendary fishing in the small hours of the night. If they decide to sell the Crimsonfish, Stardew Valley players will make between 1500g and 3000g.

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legendry fish

At the southern tip of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest in the winter, you can catch Stardew Valley’s fabled glacierfish. Only during sunny conditions, the chilly fish, which has a fishing level requirement of 6, can be discovered. The Glacierfish, like the Crimsonfish, can be found at any time between 6 AM and 8 PM, and depending on its quality, it can be had for anywhere between 1000 G and 2000 G.

Legend Fish

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The most difficult fish to catch in the game might be the Legendary Legend Fish from Stardew Valley. In the lake in the mountains, close to the map’s corner, is where you can find the Legend Fish. The Legend Fish can only be caught during the Spring season and requires a player to have a total of 10 levels of fishing proficiency. Like Glacierfish and Crimsonfish, the Legend Fish enjoys rainy weather and can be seen between 6AM and 8PM. Depending on its quality, the Legend Fish will sell for between 5000 and 10,000g.

Mutant Carp

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No player wants to spend too much time in the sewers because of the Legendary Mutant Carp in Stardew Valley. Throwing their line into the murky, emerald waters will bring the player face to face with this fish. The level need, preferred weather, season, or time don’t exist for the Mutant Carp. The opportunity to attempt to catch this fish arises once the player has access to the sewers. If players choose to sell the foul prize, the Mutated Carp will fetch between 1000g and 2000g.

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Getting every single Legendary fish in Stardew Valley is a significant undertaking for players who wish to finish building their fish collection. Fans may want to hold onto their hard-earned loot even if the fish can be sold for a pittance because they can only be caught once per save file. There is no way to obtain another of these unique Legendary trophies if they are sold. Stardew Valley presents players with a variety of entertaining tasks that make the game enjoyable and engaging. It will take commitment and effort to level up and catch each of these Legendary Fish, but it will be worth it to have a fishy story to share with other players.

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