How to Catch Pufferfish: Stardew Valley

One of the many fish that players may capture in Stardew Valley is the pufferfish, however there are particular seasons and times of day that players must catch them in. Players in Stardew Valley will need to gather materials for dishes, structures, tools, and more. Players will want to learn how to gather all different kinds of Stardew Valley fish, including the pufferfish.

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Even though it’s not the best fish in Stardew Valley, a number of recipes call for this spherical, spikey fish. The Specialty Fish Bundle includes the pufferfish, which may be utilized in a number of recipes. Players will need a fish of any kind to prepare Maki Rolls, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer, and the pufferfish makes a wonderful ingredient since it’s not needed for many other dishes. Additionally, they can be purchased for 200 to 600 gold. Players may obtain some yellow Pufferfish Roe by placing pufferfish in a fish pond.

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Additionally, This creature can be used in the sewing machine in Stardew Valley. It produces a dyeable Sailor Shirt. Abigail is one NPC who enjoys pufferfish. The other NPCs that players can present gifts to either have unfavorable or neutral feelings about pufferfish.

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Where and When to Find Pufferfish

Fish can only be caught in certain places, during certain seasons, and at certain times of day, as most Stardew Valley gamers are aware. There are three techniques to get pufferfish. The first is in the ocean between 12 and 4 PM on a sunny summer day. On Ginger Island, pufferfish can also be caught; you can find them in the areas of Island West, South, Southeast, and Pirate Cove at any time of year. For 600 to 1,000 gold, players can also purchase this creature from the traveling cart.

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Quests Required for a Pufferfish

Players must either catch or purchase this creature for three quests. These tasks will only be accessible in the game during the summer in Stardew Valley. They are as follows:

  • Summer, Year 2 of the Aquatic Research Quest for Grade 6 By mail, Demetrius wants a pufferfish. Players will be rewarded with a Friendship heart and 1,000 gold.
  • On the assistance board outside Pierre’s, a Summer Pufferfish Help Wanted Quest can be posted; one of these fish will fulfill the requirement. Thankfully, this request only occurs in the summer, when it is possible to catch these fish in the water. 600 gold and 150 friendship points are the prize.
  • Summer Fishing Quest Willy can post a fishing request on the Help Wanted board for one to four pufferfish. The fish is theirs to keep and they will receive 200 gold.

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What To Do With A Pufferfish

In the Community Center, These creatures are used for one bundle: the Specialty Fish bundle in the Fish Tank. A little distance to the north of Pierre’s General Store is the Community Center. Five portions of Dish O’ The Sea, a dish that improves your fishing skill (+3), are the reward for completing this bundle.

The only villager that adores receiving it as a gift is (Abigail). Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy, on the other hand, had mixed feelings about getting a pufferfish as a gift. The rest of Stardew Valley either doesn’t like it or despises it.

This creature  can be purchased for 200g as the starting price, 250g for silver quality, and 300g for gold quality. When consumed, you will have 100 less energy and 0 less health.


  • It can be used to make the three basic recipes for sashimi, quality fertilizer, and maki rolls. However, all of these recipes can be made with any fish found in the game, and it’s vital to remember that Sashimi is sold for far less than the price of just the fish itself. 
  • Additionally, These creatures are utilized in the dye pots inside Emily and Haley’s home as well as in the sewing machine for constructing the sailor shirt.


    • No matter the population, This creature introduced to a fish pond only produce roe.

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