How To Catch Tiger Trout: Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, do you want to know how to capture a Tiger Trout? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. It can be challenging to locate a specific fish in Stardew Valley’s waterways because there are so many of them there.

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Although Stardew Valley makes farming simple for its users, one of the more difficult game tasks is sometimes finding all these annoying fish. Having the time and patience to fish can make it a very lucrative hobby.This tutorial will teach you how to get the Tiger Trout, one of the most difficult species to catch in Stardew Valley’s abundance of fish.

You can catch a certain species of fish in Stardew Valley called tiger trout. In this Fishing Guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Tiger Trout, including when and where to catch this fish as well as its selling price.

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How To Catch Tiger Trout

Rivers are where the Tiger Trout can be found, but not all rivers in the game have it. The river that runs through Pelican Town or the river near Cindersap Forest are two of the best places to go fishing.

These species must be caught at a specific period, but since that time is between 6 AM and 7 PM, you have plenty of time to catch the fish.

The seasons of fall and winter are when you can find tiger trout for half the year. This fish enjoys the cooler months. Additionally, as it is available in all weather situations, it is not particular about what climate it is caught in.

There are a few other ways to acquire a Tiger Trout if you don’t want to go fishing for it. On Wednesdays, the fish might occasionally show up at Krobus’ store, both during the season and outside of it. The price of the fish, if it is offered, is 200g.

Tiger Trout can also be purchased with the Traveling Cart, however it is more expensive. If you can catch one, the better; it will cost you anywhere from 450 to 1000g.

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Uses Of Tiger Trout

These species can be put in the Fishpond, but they are sterile, just like their real-life counterparts. Making it pointless for you to grasp onto them.

It is required to finish the River Fish Bundle for the Community Center’s fish tank. The reward for finishing that bundle is 30x bait.

The Fish Shirt is made from Tiger Trout. The Sewing Machine at Emily and Haley’s Residence, 2 Willow Lane, needs Tiger Trout added to the spool in order to create it. For materials that may be dyed, it can also be used as an orange dye.

Occasionally, Willy will ask for 1-4 Tiger Trout during the fishing season. Head to the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store to find this kind of quest. He will pay you 150g for each fish, and as an added bonus, you get to keep the fish.

On the Special Orders board, which is located not far from the Mayor’s Manor, Demetrius is likely to ask for the fish during the Fall.

The following three recipes call for tiger trout:

  • Maki Roll: Foods that restore a lot of health and strength.
  • Quality Fertilizer: Improves soil quality, increasing the likelihood of a harvest of silver or gold quality.
  • Sashimi: A somewhat health- and stamina-restoring food.

The same as with any other fish, if you have a surplus of Tiger Trout and need to get rid of them, you can always give them to Willy at the docks; this will make him happy and you might even receive extra friendship points.

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