How to download Minecraft PE for free

Minecraft PE
  • Minecraft PE is an mobile version of Minecraft
  • It was Published by Mojang
  • It is available for both Android and IOS

Minecraft PE is a Mobile version for Android and IOS that was launched by Mojang to make the game available for mobile platforms.
It is the same experience as the actual Minecraft that is available for PC and other platforms.
While downloading Minecraft PE, The game will cost some money to buy it which not every player can afford, That’s the reason why we are here. 

Today in this article I am going to be letting you guys know about how you can download Minecraft PE for Free and some other facts and things about Minecraft Pocket edition.

How to download Minecraft PE for free?

If you go to the app store and play store you will find the game costs over 5$, Which is quite a lot for many people but there is a way to get this game for free.

To get the game for free all you need is to go on google and from there you need to search for Minecraft PE or Minecraft Pocket Edition mods.

Mods are the modified version of a game that helps you play the game in a modified way and these mods are mostly made by unofficial developers and they post these mods for free of cost and available to almost everyone.

Some of these best modder in the market are Rexdll they are known for their legit mods and fun stuff that they made by themselves.

Is downloading Minecraft PE for free illegal?

Yes, It is Illegal but downloading mods don’t cause they are different from games and modified by someone else, They are not even connected to the main server of Minecraft so they are not Illegal to play on. 

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How to Install the game

To install Minecraft PE you will first need to download it then you will need to go in your settings and allow unknown sources and then go to the folder where you have stored the game and then click on the game and click Install and TA DAA! Your game is now installed.

Download The game

Allow Unknown sources

Open Minecraft PE.apk

Click Install


Is Minecraft pe Java or bedrock?

Before answering this question we will have to understand the difference between the java version and the bedrock version.

Java edition

The Java edition of Minecraft is only for PC, you can’t play it with any other platforms like consoles or mobile. It’s very limiting and is only available for windows. Hardcore and spectator mode are also available in Java edition.

More about Hardcore mode and spectator mode is below.

Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is the mode where you go in a survival world like normal but the difficulty is really hard, The spawn rate of mobs increases, and every danger increases with it. If you get stuck in a cave there is a high chance that you will get hunted down by the zombies or blown up by a creeper who just spawned right behind you just now or you could get shot by a skeleton. 

Also, You only get one life in this mode which means if you die you die.

Spectator mode

Spectator mode is just like creative but not creative mode, In creative mode, you can access anything just by some clicks and you block and place stuff too but you can’t do that in spectator mode. The name of this model defines itself pretty well, Spectator mode where spectator means a person who looks on or watches; onlooker; observer. a person who is present at and views a spectacle, display, or the like; member of an audience.

You only get to spectate in this mode.

Bedrock Mode

Bedrock mode is a mode which is available for all the platform out there and for windows it is available for windows 10, This model is completely cross-platform which means that if you are on pc you can play with mobile or if you are on mobile you can play with both console and pc players and same goes for console too. 

Bedrock mode is not that limiting and that’s the main feature of it and most of the players chooses it when they buy the games.

mc pe

Now back to the question, Is Minecraft java or bedrock?

The simple answer is it’s bedrock because this game is totally cross-platform and if you try to play this game with your pc or console friend you will be able to play it.

Somethings that Minecraft PE doesn’t have is spectator mode and hardcore mode and both of these modes are already explained in this article and you can find them if you look for them in the above paragraphs.

Game rating

Minecraft overall is an awesome and amazing game and is a really great and fun game to play with your friends or family.

The PE version of this game is really good too but some of the problems that I faced while playing the game was its bugs and glitches.

The game is not for you if you have a device that has a ram of lower than 4 GB and this game is not well optimized like it crashes a lot while it loads a lot of chunks at the same time which gives bad thinking about the game.

But the game is still a really fun fact and on a positive and happy note we will give Minecraft a solid 4 out of 5.

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

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