How to Earn BP’s in PUBG

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

Battle point (BP) is the currency in PUBG which is used to buy tools and items. In the current scenario, these BP could not be purchased, you can only earn them by winning more games. There are numerous ways through which you can have BP in the game.

The first method is to link your account to Facebook, which will surely give you 2000 BP. Although, you will hesitate about privacy concerns but it is solely up-to you whether you link or not. You can also earn points by completing small tasks. For Example, to unlock 188 BP, they asked you to fill the survey form via mailbox. This was quite easy task to do.

To earn regularly, you need to play game daily. In the game, there are daily and weekly challenges. By completing these missions you will surely get more BP’s. Try to finish game in the top 10. Sometimes, these missions could be challenging or sometimes easy.

By playing three games in a squad per day, can reward you 200 BP. For pro-players, there is a ranking system which continues across a season, after ending of a season they got BP according to their ranks. Season lasts about two months and there is a plenty of time to level-up your profile.

We recommend you not to try cheats and hacks to earn more. We warn you that it could lead your account to suspension. The same thing has done with the Fortnite Players.

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