Bitlife prison escape 6×6, 8×8, 3×5, 4×4, 5×4 Maps

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Bitlife prison escape all Maximum Security Prisons

Bitlife is a life simulation game available in the Google and App store market. We are having a lot of fun playing the game! Especially our editorial team played for weeks before we sat down and wrote this full article on bitlife prison escape.

Ever wanted to play a game that is based on a lot amount of realism? If that’s the case then Bitlife is the perfect game and choice for you.

Bitlife is a game that is based on realism which is in text format, The game simple you are spawned with a character or you can make the character and you will have to make its decision by yourself, and your decision will affect the characters life.

Today, In this article we are going to be telling you about a mission that is, Prison escape, and how you can escape the prison with these tricks easily and efficiently.

Minimum and Medium Security prison maps:

3×4 prison map


3×5 prison map




4×4 Prison map



4×4 Prison Map 2



4×4 Prison map 3



5×4 Prison map



5×5 Prison Map



5×6 Prison map



5×7 Prison Map 1



5×7 Prison Map 2


6×5 Prison Map



6×6 Prison Map



6×6 Prison Map 2

7×4 Pirson Map


Maximum Security Prison:

Maximum security prisons are hard to escape from in Bitlife. You will only be sent in maximum security prison if you commit murder or some serious crime. Here is a full list of escaping a maximum security prison.


8×7 Prison Map


8×8 Prison Map

8×8 Prison Map 2

8×8 Prison Map 3

8×8 prison map 4

8×8 prison map 5

8×8 Prison map 6

How to get JailBird ribbon:

You only need to go in and out of jail like three times. After you are done, just sit in your jail cell until you age, and you will get yourself a jailbird ribbon. It is one of the easiest Bitlife ribbons that you can get.

How to get Houdini Ribbon

You need to get to the jailed couple of times and escape immediately. You can level up quickly. Quickly get to your older 60s. And then start robbing houses and get caught. You will be back in jail again. Then follow the guide from the beginning section to escape. Do this multiple times in your old days. You should get a Houdini ribbon.

Prison layout:  6×6

bitlife prison escape 6x6
how to escape prison in Bitlife 6×6

Prison layout 5×5

bitlife prison escape 5x5

Prison Layout 6×6

bitlife prison escape 6x6
how to escape prison in Bitlife 6×6

Prison Layout 5×4


bitlife prison escape 5x4
how to escape prison in Bitlife 5×4

prison Layout 6×6

bitlife prison escape 6x6
how to escape prison in Bitlife 6×6

Prison Layout 8×8

bitlife prison escape 8x8
how to escape prison in Bitlife 8×8

Starting A Prison Riot

With the release of starting a prison riot in Bitlife, the game got a lot more exciting than it already was! It is very easy to pull off correctly.

The first thing you have to do is start a prison riot from your prison activities after you have been to prison, this can be done only once each in-game year.

This mini-game functions exactly like the Classical Snake Game. The one you collect eggs and get stronger, but here you collect heads, which are prisoners that will aid you in your riot, but you must avoid prisoner guards.

Colliding with the latter deems your riot unsuccessful and you will need to wait for next year to repeat this prison riot.

However, as you collect more heads, it becomes easier to hit prisoner guards or worse, walls.

Hitting the wall ends your riot instantly.

So start your next riot with this knowledge, you will easily finish it successfully and get it achieved.

Minimize your mistakes by taking the easiest path, avoid guards as much you avoid walls and remember to collect the prisoner inmates that would help you to secure the win.

You will need 10 heads to finish this min-game. Go try it now!

How to use these tricks or follow them?

As you can see we have covered almost every prison escape, If you find yours in one of them here’s how you can follow these tricks.

We have given a video tutorial with every illustration of the escape you can follow them if you can’t find your way out with those illustrations.

Otherwise, all you have to do is follow the illustration and move your player according to the route we made in that illustration.

If you still can’t find your way out then you can follow the alternative illustration we have given you after every first illustration. We hope this will help and it definitely would cause all of these routes are legit and the best way to trick the co-ops!

Other Tricks:

If you are into the fugitive lifestyle you can check out our guide on how to successfully rob a train and net you hefty amounts of income here. If you just want to pursue your culinary goals and become a chef, which is frankly a bit tricky, you can check our guide here.

Download BitLife on Android Here. and for IOS

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