How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife in 2 Ways: Comprehensive Guide

How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife in 2 Ways: Comprehensive Guide

How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife
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Achievements are the bread and butter of any game, especially when the players come out of the honeymoon phase of playing a game. 

As it’s the only thing that can motivate players to revisit the game again and again. Learning how to find a unicorn in BitLife is just one of the over 200 achievements and challenges that have appeared up till now with the developers at BitLife constantly working their butts off to create more. 

Unfortunately, unlike some of the other challenges, finding a unicorn in BitLife is just purely based on luck. As it’s a random encounter that happens while your character is growing up in the game. 

However, we have come up with two ways in which you could increase your chances of finding this mythical creature in the game and finally complete the achievements that’s always eluded you. 

How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife

1.  Purchase Bitizenship

Now, don’t quote us on this, but we think that if you purchase bitizenship, or simply put, the premium version of the game. 

And play that instead of the free one, then you probably have a greater chance of encountering a unicorn in BitLife. 

The reason for this, let’s call it a hunch, is because of a certain tweet by the official BitLife account that seemingly pointed to this exact theory, and because there have been numerous sources and videos popping up that this is the way to go if you want to find the unicorn. 

Now, this is definitely not a sure thing because the developers have not specifically confirmed the theory. But we think it’s worth a try if you still haven’t found the legendary creature after years of playing the game. 

2.  Switch up your Age ups to Half Years


A more practical way of sighting the unicorn when your character is growing up is to change your age up to half years. Meaning when you click the age up button, instead of flash forwarding an entire year of your character’s life, it only goes 6 months forward. 

Now, let us explain our reasoning here. The only time frame possible where your character can actually encounter a unicorn is when he/she is still in their childhood and nearing their teenage years. 

Thus to capitalize on this time frame fully and give yourself the best chance of encountering the unicorn, you can reduce your age up from 1 full years to 6 months at a time as that doubles your chances of finding a unicorn in BitLife. 

Final Thoughts

How to Find a Unicorn in BitLife
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And there it is folks, that was our guide on how to find a unicorn in BitLife. Just one thing that we should address before we close up this article is that even with all the above settings enabled, there could still be a chance that you never encounter this mystical creature in your playthrough. 

The animal encounter itself is bound to occur at some point in your character’s life. However, because there are plenty of other animals that can show up, the chances of a unicorn showing up are precious little. 

So, just remember to not get disheartened by the fact that the unicorn didn’t show up. Just keep trying and we’re sure one of these days the creature will show up. 


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