How To Get A Higher Rank in PUBG With These 6 Tips

PUBG: Getting Your Way To The Top

With 6 Tips


Survive as much as possible:

One of the main game mechanics of PUBG in which your rank will depend on it your survival time, if you drop just to return into the main screen, you aren’t playing that great. Have a deep focus on your first few minutes. Reconsider if you are going to drop into a location that is known to get crowded due to better loot.

We don’t mean to say never try for this high engagement starting, but be honest with yourself are you going to be at a probable disadvantage or and an advantage, Keep safe, survive. You will get plenty of opportunities for good loot and protection.

Maybe you will be able to take down some of the survivors of the shenanigans that happen at some locations, but later in the game. Thus, obtaining all the goodies they have.


Higher Ranks In Pubg


Healing Items Will You Towards Your New Rank:

I remember seeing novice players leaving healing items just to grab an extra weapon when almost every time doing so will only hinder your lead. Healing items can be stacked so take as much as you find while keeping your weapons slots as few as you can.

Of course, this goes for Painkillers and Energy Drinks.

A very important stat at improving your rating at the end of each game is how much of Health have you healed for. This comes into play into your rank at the end of the match. Make it a habit to always be with a full health bar. A lot of times you will be one shot away from death before securing your kill.

Maintain a K/D of More than 3 In Most Of Your Games:

It could be hard if you aren’t very mechanical on this game, and if you are still playing on your smartphone then do you want to get a higher rank? A K/D of 3.0 or even more will make your player stats pass the higher rank algorithms and make your way through divisions that much easier.

Luckily, there isn’t that much of a difference from a bot kill and that from a real player kill. Both will give substantial scores to you throughout the game. It is a no-brainer to aim for easier kills early game once you spot a bot, which is a lot easy to spot and kill. Their movements are usually very telegraphed and mundane.

Now, after you have grabbed some of the easier kills, brace yourself as the game gets more intense and fun. Now you must go to your highest gear of reflex and focus. Be very careful of your surroundings and each movement.


Run With The Storm:

Given that you are seasoned enough at this game to always adapt to the changing locations that the storm encircles, as it shrinks be at the perimeter of the circle, it is normal if you take some damage as you try to maintain a normal distance and as well as being advised to take some damage as you keep yourself away from the safe zone. Given that you are carrying a sound amount of healing items you will be safe.

Many players will panic and flood into the zone right as it begins to move and exposing themselves, take this opportunity to clear all these players while you are still outside the zone. It is much harder for the enemy to spot as well as intimidating for them to check for you if you have been spotted.

Now the fun, extra part.

If you have killed at least a player outside the zone, and the game has been progressing to its end. Move 100 meters and access the zone so you can have a renewed surprise factor. This is what wins games late-game. Maintaining your surprise factor as well as exposing your enemy.


Higher Ranks In PUBG


As The Game Nears Its End, Players Will Begin To Play Very Patiently:

You can do this as well. But aggression becomes more rewarding at this point than at any other point.

If you haven’t compromised your location, flank the enemy.

Flanking means to move around the enemy so you can get them at their backs, literally.

Some would say it is a cheap kill, and it could be. But you will get killed this way the majority of your time. It has become common knowledge to look behind as much as your front.

So be the player that gets the spot before them, 9 out 10 times, it is the kill that would lead to the win, as you will also get all their loot and their spot. But this time it is completely protected.


Play A Lot

Game Knowledge wins games and no amount of tips and tricks you can read on the internet that would help you as much as just enjoying the game would. If you aren’t having the most fun games take a break. Don’t let a habit of joining a thread of new games take over you.

You will be able to perform better and do a better job in your games.

Ranking higher will take some time so but patient, if you do all these simple steps consistently you see an improvement.



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