How to Get a House in BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Get a House in BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Get a House in BitLife

True wealth isn’t defined by the amount of money you have, rather it’s a sum of all your assets. Which is why earning lots of money is important, but investing that money may just be even more important. 

One of the most important assets you can invest money into in BitLife and real life is a house. However, first you need to learn how to get a house in BitLife. 

The actual screen from where you can buy your house is pretty easy to find and if you’ve explored the various menus of the game, there is a chance that you’ve already found it. 

But if in any case you haven’t been able to, then the guide below will cover every single thing you need to do to finally get a house under our belt in the game.  

How to Get a House in BitLife

1.  Get a Job

Obviously before you can even think of buying a house, you’ll need to find a job that provides a steady source of income. 

Now, there are an uncountable number of jobs in BitLife, on both sides of the law. In our mind though, the most profitable ones and the ones that can provide you the most growth in terms of income and status are that of a lawyer, judge, doctor, engineer and pilot. 

You could also go for a life of crime which is profitable in its own right. The only problem is that life wouldn’t be very reliable or stable for that matter. 

No matter what you do though, you just need to find a source of income before you can go buy a house. 

2.  Go into the Realtor Section of the Shopping Tab to Find a House

Once you’ve got your hands on a job that pays well enough for you to buy a house, head to the shopping tab on the main menu. 

As soon as you get in there, you’ll see an option named realtor in front of you. Click that and it should show you a list of houses available in your area of varying prices. 

All that’s left is for you to pick one according to your budget and your likings and voilà you now have a house to your name. 


Now, we should probably tell you that you can opt for a house that’s above your budget and even above the total amount of money you have, but you will have to get a loan for that which can be pretty difficult to pay off without a steady job to support you. 

Which is why we suggested opting for a job first because then it enables you to go for any house that you want, regardless of its price. 

With that said, it brings us to the end of our guide on how to get a house in BitLife. We sincerely hope you’ve followed all of the directions we’ve laid down and have actually followed our advice of going for a job first. 

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