How to Get Better at COD Warzone- 10 Best Tips for 2021

Do you want to get better at COD Warzone? Do you want to get more kills in the warzone? This guide has the best tips that will help you become a pro and get better at COD warzone.

This guide will show you all the steps that you need to take to increase your average kills per game. Ultimately you will be able to win more matches or even compete in tournaments.

So, without any further ado let’s dive right into the guide to get better at the COD warzone.

Best Tips to Get Better at COD Warzone in 2021:

1. Identify the hot drops

identify hot drops to get better at COD warzone

In order to get more kills, it is important to identify all the hot drops depending on the trajectory of the plane. You can do that in a couple of ways.

Firstly, popular drop locations like superstore, airport, and boneyard are going to get a large number of players regardless. Especially, if the plane goes over them. This is going to be an even bigger case when combined with scavenger contracts that players try to grab at the start of the match.

So, your squad leader needs to identify places where the majority of other players are going to land. Then don’t straight away go for the contract as you can’t guarantee to get a lot of kills every time. What you can do instead is land nearby and grab a gun as quickly as possible. Then you can easily kill the players that rushed scavenger contracts as they will only have pistols.

2. Get your Loadout quickly

get loadout quickly

It is fairly obvious that you need to get your loadout as quickly as possible. This is because loadout weapons are far more superior to anything you can find on the floor. They will make sure that you win a lot more gunfights than you would without them.

You can do a couple of things to get you loadout quickly. First of all, make sure to get one of your teammates to grab a chopper at the start of the game. You can then loot the uncontested areas like the rooftops in certain parts of the map like downtown.

Next, you need to get a scavenger contract completed. It will make sure you get a loadout instantly especially if you are playing in trios or quads.

Further, it is recommended not to engage in long-range gunfights till you grab your loadout unless you are somewhere like the superstore.

3. Engage in as many gunfights as possible

engage in gunfights

Once you have your loadout, it’s all about getting into as many engagements a possible without getting caught out in the open. Remember that going to the gulag is going to cost you a lot of time during a match and stop you from getting the most kills.

One of the best ways to constantly get into gunfights is to start training bounty contracts. This is what every pro player and the team do in tournaments. This ensures minimum downtime between gunfights.

However, that doesn’t mean you will blindly rush at enemy teams. You need to take 30-40 seconds before engaging in gunfights. This will make sure that you have an advantageous position to win any gunfight and don’t get sent to the gulag.

4. Constantly call in UAVs

The cash you earned in training bounty contracts will come into use here. Remember that before the first loadout drops UAVs are super valuable. This is because almost no one grabs ghosts from their first loadout as they all go for overkill.

This means you will easily find enemy squads and rack up lots of kills as everyone will be on the radar. So, you need to make sure to catch them in a bad position like when they are running across in the open.

UAVs are key to getting a lot of kills in the warzone and also to make sure that you get a positional advantage.

5. Use vehicles aggressively

use vehicles aggressively

You will be able to engage and find squads more easily than you will be running around on foot. There is also almost no penalty for being in the vehicle as you can get out of it instantly without any damage.

Try to get every member of your squad to have their own big berthas. They can take a lot of damage and help you push enemy squads really easily. Just remember that you will always get out of the left-hand side of the vehicle.

5. Map is your best friend

use maps to get better at cod warzone

The map gives you so much information that most players don’t even take advantage of. The obvious things to look out for are red dots on the map which are caused by gunfire. Even when someone calls in an airstrike they will also appear on the map as a red dot. So, you will know exactly where to push even if they have a suppressor or ghost.

You should also keep an eye on all the contracts in the nearby area. Because if one of them disappears you will know that an enemy squad is in that location.

Also, pay attention to vehicles disappearing and again reappearing on the map. All this information will help you to do better and get better at COD warzone.

6. Hold on to the circle’s edge

You need to do your best to hold the edge of the circle. Try and identify using the map which areas players are most likely to be coming from. Then you have to hold the zone at that point. You will get easy kills as the players will run at you by being pushed by the gas. There will always be late runners at almost every stage of the match.

7. Identify and secure power positions

The power positions might be something as simple as the top of a hill or a wall covering a large piece of open ground. Whatever it is, making sure you have the position early will help in winning a lot of gunfights that will be forced on you.

8. Do everything fast

If you make a conscious effort to do everything from looting to pushing a builder faster, you will have a lot more engagements throughout the match. You will also end up in a better position overall throughout the match.

So, just get in the habit of speeding up your decision-making to get better at COD warzone. That’s one of the biggest factors that separate the good players from the great players.

9. Learn solo v squad

This is probably the hardest thing to do to get better at COD warzone. But once you get the hang of it you will be getting 20 and 30 kill games in no time at all.

You should try to break a squad fight into 1v1 fights. One way to do this is by identifying the straggler in the enemy squad and downing them first. Then use them as bait to get other members of their squad out in the open. But make sure to have an escape plan for when things don’t go as planned.

10. Have the best settings and setup

best setting to get better at cod warzone

It will give you some kind of advantage that will make a huge difference. This could range from having the best sensitivity to the best graphics settings to make sure you are getting the highest frame rates per second possible.

So, there you have it. These were the best tips to get better at COD warzone. Follow these steps to get more kills and win more games. If you have any queries or suggestions mention them in the comments section.


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