How to Get Clemency BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Get Clemency BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Get Clemency BitLife
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To be honest, the one thing that’s kept Bitlife relevant among the masses and still such a talked about game up till point has been the massive array of achievements and challenges included in the game. Most players just play the game for the achievements alone. 

One achievement that players haven’t been able to wrap their head around though has been how to get Clemency BitLife. 

The achievement in question requires players to first get arrested for a crime so major that they get the death sentence. 

And then somehow at the day of their execution, get the sentence reduced to a life sentence. This obviously requires plenty of prep and, above all, patience as you’ll have to keep your character good for a lengthy period of time. 

How to Get Clemency BitLife

1.  Perform a Major Crime and get the Death Sentence

First and foremost, before you can even think about how to avoid any major conflict in prison, you’ll have to find a way to get there. 

Not only that but you’ll also have to find a way to get the death sentence so that you can get it reduced afterwards. 

The best forward in this respect is to execute a major crime like murder, cannibalism or robbing a huge bank. 

You’ll also obviously have to make sure that you get caught as well. All of this should get you a death sentence and have you sent to a maximum security prison.  

2.  Don’t Engage in any Negative acts during your Sentence

The second step is a little as it requires plenty of patience and wealth on your part to be able to survive prison. 

Now, if you go into prison with wealth, you’ll probably be able to survive the entire sentence without engaging in any illegal activities. 

But more importantly then that you’ll have to remain a model prisoner and make sure that you don’t engage in any illegal activities, fight anyone, or commit any more crimes in prison. 

Keep this up till the end of your sentence and you’ll be granted clemency on your supposed last day. 


During your time in prison there will be plenty of prompts that pop up asking you to participate in various activities. 

Some of these activities are harmless like playing basketball or lifting weights. However, some contain robbing the kitchen or killing another inmate. 

Thus, these are the activities you should steer clear of if you do want to learn how to get Clemency BitLife.

Another tip on how to get clemency in BItLife is to once every year as some players on reddit have spoken about how the activity helps in your final decision. 


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