How To Get Copper Bars: Stardew Valley

It can be challenging to locate copper in Stardew Valley because you can’t get it by smashing the farm’s stones with a pickaxe. Carbon may be bought from the blacksmith in Pelican Town at exorbitant costs. However, it is preferable to search for copper at the actual mines. How can you use your carbon now that you have it to manufacture copper bars? This manual will explain everything in detail.

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In Stardew Valley, copper ore is a material that may be used to directly make goods or can be transformed into metal bars and then used to craft products. You can’t smelt the copper ore into copper bars at first since you need 20 copper ore to build the furnace.

Go to floors 2-39 of the mine and use the pickaxe to crack open metal nodes to obtain metal ore. While in the mine, you can also crack open rocks, barrels, and crates to see whether any metal (C) ore is inside. Copper ore may be found in the mine by tilling the ground.

Alternatively, you could go to the blacksmith and buy carbon ore there for 75g for your first year and 150g each year after that, which you could then smelt into metal (C) bars.

Getting and Making Bars

  • To gain entrance to the Mine, you must first wait until day 5. 
  • Use the starter sword once you’re inside the mine to begin searching for copper veins. 
  • You can create a furnace once you have twenty copper and twenty stone. 
  • In your inventory, there should be a minimum of 5 each of copper and Coal. 
  • Click on the Furnace while holding the metal ore in your hand. The 5 Copper will become a Copper Bar as a result.

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Finding The Copper

The Mines is where one can locate carbon. The Mines can be found on the town’s extreme northeastern side. The easiest route is to enter the farm at the exit, then turn east until you see the bridge. The mines become increasingly challenging as you descend further into them. You can level up your combat abilities by slaying various monsters. In a similar vein, mining ores also levels the related skill.

Utilizing the ladder down that you use whenever it is revealed, you can advance in the Mine. Keep an eye out for anything that might be beneficial as you progress through a level, kill some creatures, and then start smashing rocks, etc., until you come across the ladder.

When you see a metal ore, you will know it. Additionally, the most useful things usually stand out. In order to increase your chances of finding coal, you need also destroy crates and barrels and click on sacks and mines.

Craft A Furnace

You must build a furnace in order to produce metal bars. The copper ore must be purchased or located elsewhere, but either way, a furnace is required to process the ore into usable bars. Making one bar out of five ores will take approximately 30 seconds.

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Craft Coal

You can create a Charcoal Kiln if you have reached Foraging level 4. After roughly 30 seconds, the Kiln can turn 10 pieces of wood into 1 piece of coal. If you’ve had bad luck with the coal drops, the kiln looks to be a godsend!

You do, however, require a gold bar. Clint the Blacksmith can sell you a gold ore for 200g each. Therefore, one bar of gold that will be required to create the Charcoal Kiln costs 2000g. Given your capacity to raise trees and sow seeds, you should have an abundant supply.

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