[Best 5 Ways] How To Get Free Google Play Redeem Cards – 2021

[Best 5 Ways] How To Get Free Google Play Redeem Cards – 2021

[Best 5 Ways] How To Get Free Google Play Redeem Cards - 2021

Google play redeem card can be a beneficial asset because it allows the user to buy Movies, Games, Music, and many in-game items, but as it can be helpful on the same hand, it can be costly. Not everyone can afford these gift cards. That is why today will help you get a Google Play Redeem card for free with our best and top five ways we could find on the Internet!


How To Get Free Google Play Redeem Cards

google play redeem cards

  • Fetch rewards
  • HarrisPollOnline
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Mobilexpression
  • Survey Junkie
  • Are Google Play Redeem card generator fake?
  • Are Google Play Redeem card Generator secure?
  • Why there is so little option to get Free Google Play Redeem Cards?
  • Why surveys are the best?

Fetch Rewards

Fetch rewards

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app, here you will have to scan the receipt of any item that you purchase from stores, and every eligible scan will get you at least five points, and if you have a branded item in your receipt, you are going to get a hundred points. These points can be redeemed as gift codes!
There will be a certain amount of points fixed already in the app you will have to complete to get your Free Play Store Redeem Gift Card.

You can check out Fetch Rewards here: Fetch Rewards.



Harris poll online is a world comprehensive global research company whose point system is based on points termed as “HLPOINTS,” you get these points after completing all the surveys they have given, and the more Hlpoints you collect, the more gift cards you can redeem.
You can redeem your free Google play redeem card by collecting a certain amount of Hlpoint.

You can check out HarissPollOnline here: HarrisPollOnline

Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is an app for people who want to earn money by giving their opinions publically. Google Opinion Rewards gives their users surveys that have been provided by a research or public/private company and based on the answer and surveys taken by the user. It pays its user the money.
You can transfer this money to google play redeem card and get your free google play redeem card!

You can check it out here: Google Opinion Rewards 



Mobilexpression is an app which, when you install it, you will need to sign up and agree with their terms and condition, and you need to keep it installed on your device, and must have your internet connection turned on in it. The app will keep running in the background and will fetch your internet activities, collect and make a report on them, and then sell them to advertisers or companies.
It is straightforward as you will need to keep it running, and in under a week, you will receive your first free google play redeem card!

You can check out Mobilexpression here: Mobilexpression

Survey Junkie

Survet junkie

Survey Junkie, as the name suggests, is based on surveys. It is available in very few countries but is beneficial as it pays a significant amount. Each one it surveys ranges between 2$ – 70$ so, you already know, it will be profitable.
The surveys themselves are not complex, and you can always take one before sleeping or while having free time.
If you do it with patience, you can get your very first free play store redeem card for free early.

You can check it out here: Survey Junkie


Are google play redeem card generator fake?

Yes, most of the google play redeem card generators are fake. Whenever you try to get a free google play redeem card from them, they will ask you for a thing called ” Human verification “Which is fake as they will redirect you to an ad that is, at last, going to benefit them going to leave you with nothing.

Are Google Play Redeem card Generator secure?

No, They are not. Most of them are either scams or phishing pages that will take your data and account and leak or hurt your privacy. You should be very careful while visiting or opening any pages or website like that!

Why there is so little option to get Free Google Play Redeem Cards?

Google play redeem codes have a large variety of things where they can be used for, and most of them, whenever you pay them, go to the company of which service you are using. So, google play redeem card works as a middle man in processing your payment with the company whose service you are using, and the payment is usually in real money. Whenever you try to search ” Free Google Play Redeem Cards, “you are indirectly searching for ” How to get free money ” Which is near impossible. That is why there are so few options to get free google play redeem cards.

Why surveys are the best?

Surveys are the best because they are not giving you everything for free. I agree that they are easy, but they still require you to enter your opinion and test your mental and problematic skills. Most of them are legit and are well known, and many companies invest in them. That is why they are the best!

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