How To Get Golden Walnuts: Stardew Valley

Want to know How To Get Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley? Here you go;

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You’ve reached Ginger Island, a brand-new area added to Stardew Valley in 2020 full with wonders like a pirate cove, a dungeon, and even a mermaid, if you’re looking for Stardew Valley golden walnuts. There are 130 Golden Walnuts spread out around this island, though, which you might wish to find. 130, that’s correct. You are now need to seek for and locate these cunning golden nuts, as if you didn’t already have enough to do in Stardew Valley.

Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of the legwork and found every place you need to go in order to gather every Golden Walnut for you. Naturally, some are more difficult to recover than others, so we’ll start you off gently with the simple ones before leaving you to your own devices to explore Ginger Island.

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What To Do With Golden Walnuts

In Stardew Valley, golden walnuts are used for a variety of things. In order to access new improvements like the farmhouse and beach resort, you must first spend them with the parrots strewn across the island. You must locate 116 Golden Walnuts in order to unlock everything. In the advice below, we’ll detail some suggested priorities for what you should concentrate on first. Just be aware that it will take some time. Willy’s boat won’t be taking them to the

Golden walnuts will provide you access to Qi’s Walnut Room in addition to allowing you to unlock additional areas of the island. To enter, you’ll need 100, and this is where the game’s endgame stuff is located. On the island’s extreme Western side, it is concealed by a curtain and carved out of a cliff.

The mysterious Qi will reveal the Perfection Tracker, a board of special requests, and a vending machine with intriguing products such as a flute to summon your horse once you have located 100 Golden Walnuts; it will inform you of your current count when you try to get inside. By completing the tasks on the board, you can obtain Qi Gems to spend at the machine. However, we’re moving too quickly. The Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley can be found here.

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Golden Walnut locations

Easy Locations

  • Fishing: Around the island, you can catch 5 Golden Walnuts when fishing.
  • Golden Coconut:  When you give your first Golden Coconut to Clint the Blacksmith to pound at his anvil, it will produce a Golden Walnut. After that, coconuts will contain beneficial Ginger Island drops like taro tubers and banana saplings for planting.
  • Mussel Nodes: Keep whacking them with your pickaxe when you see them because they can produce up to 5 Golden Walnuts and are on the beach once you open the island’s western side.

Ginger Island East

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  • The location you’ll likely visit first is the East of the island, where a child named Leo disappears into the forest, even though you’ll first arrive on the pier at what we’ll refer to as Ginger Island South. Your first Golden Walnut can be found here, growing on a tree in the clearing. If you give it to Leo’s parrot in the treehouse, he will begin teasing you about where to find more. Hit Leo’s tree with an axe while you’re in the treehouse, and another Golden Walnut will fall out.
  • You’ll find an altar in the clearing before the treehouse. A gorilla will emerge if you put a banana on this to exchange three Golden Walnuts for the banana. You should plant the first banana you receive from a Golden Coconut as soon as possible because bananas only grow on trees that take 28 days to develop from Banana Saplings.
  • You can access the puzzle with numerous stone plinths through a secret entrance in the trees to the right of the treehouse clearing. Grab the hidden Golden Walnut to the south of the altars—all that’s you can accomplish at first. You’ll need to wait on Ginger Island for rainy days in order to figure out the riddle. Unpredictably, a bird will show up in one of the four zones—North, South, East, or West—on four different rainy days and drop a gem when you chase it away. Simply bring the diamond and place it on the corresponding plinth. When you have collected all four, you will receive five Golden Walnuts.
  • Continue weeding in Ginger Island East with your scythe even though it won’t yield a Golden Walnut. It contains helpful tools like Fiber as well as Journal pages that will help you solve the related riddles needed to locate Golden Walnuts underneath. There are lots of seeds available for planting taro tubers as well.

Ginger Island North

  • You follow a flamey opponent up the stairs and find that Ginger Island North is open to you right now. Golden walnuts are abundant in this area, both above ground and on trees. You can also unlock the Island Trading Post from here, but hold off on doing so until once the island is fully operational.
  • Here you may find the Field Office and pay 10 Golden Walnuts to activate the Dig Site. Professor Snail is concealed behind a boulder in the Dig Site, therefore you should begin this process early. Create a bomb, then use it to detonate the rock and free him. Just be cautious to stay away from the boom. As soon as he is liberated, he will proceed to the Field Office where you can trade fossils for Golden Walnuts.
  • Go up the steps to the north region and immediately turn right to collect the sly Golden Walnut that you can see from the beach but that appears to be inaccessible. You can travel back through the trees to get the one on the cliff because there is a secret entry in the tree line. The majority of the Golden Walnuts that have been buried have markings on the ground, and as you find and read the Journal Pages that are hidden throughout the island, you’ll be able to access more hiding places.
  • A Golden Walnut can be found in the center of the flower-filled circle to the right of the entry, a smaller stone circle to the north of the entrance, and the stone circle to the left of the entrance.
  • Another secret road leads past a bent palm tree and into a clearing with a Golden Walnut tree to the left of the entrance.
  • In the North, keep an eye out for any odd patterns on the ground. A Golden Walnut is concealed by shapes in the sand somewhat to the south-east of the Field Office, and you can discover one to the right of the Volcano Dungeon entrance in a semicircle of rocks. A Golden Walnut is concealed by a second stone circle in the top left corner of the map.
  • There are numerous secret passageways as well. While the Golden Walnut is visible from the Dig Site stairs and to the left, you must enter a secret tunnel to get to the second tree on the right. A extra walnut can also be found in a secret tunnel that runs through the trees to the left of the entrance to the Volcano Dungeon. Another simple victory is a Golden Walnut in a tall tree to the right of the Volcano Dungeon entrance, which only requires a slingshot to destroy.

Field Office

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After you have rescued Professor Snail from the cave’s mushroom diet, you can begin exchanging fossils for Golden Walnuts at the Field Office tent. A screen where you can give sets of bones will appear when you speak to Professor Snail. There are four different animals,

  • Large Animal (6 Golden Walnuts): Include a fossilized skull, ribs, spine, tail, and two fossilized legs. In the river at the Dig Site where the water sparkles, you can find these by breaking Golden Coconuts, breaking Bone Nodes, mining artifact locations, and using your Copper Pan.
  • Snake (3 Golden Walnuts): Consisting of two snake vertebrae and a snake skull. Once more, these can be discovered by fishing and digging the island’s writhing artifact sites on Ginger Island.
  • Mummified Frog (1 Golden Walnut): Is accessible by clearing weeds on Ginger Island.
  • Mummified Bat  (1 Golden Walnut): Only shattering rocks in the Volcano Dungeon will reveal this.

A fairly easy way to obtain 2 Golden Walnuts is towards the back of the Field Office tent. Just two survey questions need to be answered. There are 18 starfish and 22 flowers in the survey response for flowers. Voila. Stardew Valley Golden Walnuts, two extremely simple.

Volcano Dungeon

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  • Exactly what you required. Another dungeon challenge in Stardew Valley. There are 17 Golden Walnuts inside the Volcano Dungeon, so if you want to obtain them all, you’ll have to engage in combat. However, if you don’t want to go inside right away, there are a few simple ones. Pour yourself a route to the left rather than attempting to cross the lava river with your watering can. A platform with breakable cinder shards and a cave exit leading to two Golden Walnut trees will ultimately be reached along this path. You can find the remaining items by slaying foes, mining rocks, and opening chests. When you eventually get it to the forge on level 10, there are also 2 Golden Walnut trees there.
  • Waiting until you’ve unlocked the farmhouse in the west of the island will help you succeed in the Volcano Dungeon. This indicates that you have a starting point, can stock up on the best foods from the kitchen, and can begin early in the morning. As always, having the strongest armor and weapons will give you the best chance. Follow our tutorial to find a Prismatic Shard if you don’t already have a Galaxy Sword so you can unlock the Galaxy weapon set.
  • If you don’t have a Galaxy Sword, eat a lot of food that will help you defend yourself and keep moving out of the way of the lava pools’ flame strikes. Before you see the monster’s fireballs, you will hear them. Keep digging through the rocks there to see if you can find the mummified bat for the Field Office.

Ginger Island West

  • As this is where you can unlock a farmhouse for sleeping so you may spend the night on Ginger Island, you’ll want to unlock the delights of Ginger Island West as soon as possible. It costs 20 Golden Walnuts to buy this. Fortunately, there is a stack of Golden Walnuts with easy access, allowing you to quickly unlock the farmhouse.
  • A Golden Walnut can be found by following a hidden path inside the beached shipwreck. There is also an X in the sand to the left of the beach, a diamond-shaped marking with a Golden Walnut in the center, and two more markings with blue starfish that each have a Golden Walnut in the center. To the left of Qi’s Walnut Room’s entrance, still on the beach, is a secret tree. Simply keep ascending the sand.
  • A peculiar green mole and other holes can also be seen on the shore. Watering him with an extended spray from your updated watering can is the greatest approach to grab a Golden Walnut.

War Memento quest

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You can also run into a character named Birdie on the beach. Only on sunny days will you see her, but if you talk to her, she’ll send you on the Pirate’s Wife quest to discover a memento of her missing spouse. To get you started, she will give you a War Memento. After that, you’ll need to return to Pelican Town to make some deliveries:

  • The War Memento will be exchanged for Gourmet Tomato Salt by Kent.
  • That’ll be traded to Gus for a Stardew Valley Rose.
  • Sandy at the Desert Oasis will offer you an advanced TV remote if you present her with this. George will exchange this for an Arctic
  • Shard if you give it to him.
  • The Wizard will swap it for a Wriggling Worm if you give him that.
  • Willy will hand up the Pirate’s Locket if you give him this.
  • Return that to Birdie for 5 Golden Walnuts at the end.

A couple more options will become available when you unlock the Farmhouse and are relieved to have a bed to sleep in on Ginger Island. The Gourmand Frog resides in a cave that will appear in the upper right corner of the Farmhouse area.

He requests that you plant some wheat, garlic, and melons. He’ll only ask for one at a time, but you may plant them all outside your farmhouse and invite him out to view them when they are all fully grown. He wants to see them remain in the ground, so don’t harvest them. He will kindly provide you five valuable Golden Walnuts for each crop.

Crows are one thing you don’t have to be concerned about on Ginger Island, so there’s no need to scatter scarecrows all over the place. You won’t need to bother about watering the crops if you just make sure to install a few Iridium Sprinklers. Continue planting and harvesting as well because just for taking care of your crops on the Island, you could receive up to 5 Golden Walnuts.

A peculiar green mole and other holes can also be seen on the shore. Watering him with an extended spray from your updated watering can is the greatest approach to grab a Golden Walnut.

A Golden Walnut can be found near the bottom of the path, half concealed in the trees, if you continue straight after passing where the slimes hide. However, go up to a cave entrance that is concealed by a curved palm tree before you cross the wooden bridge. Crystals found there will play music. Simply strike the crystals five times in the proper succession to receive three Golden Walnuts for playing Simon Says.

You can unlock the island’s parrot transit system for 10 Golden Walnuts by returning outside and crossing the bridge. If you haven’t already unlocked the Beach Resort, save this for last because it isn’t a top priority. There are few stones on the ground to the right of the Parrot Express, each having a blank area in the center. You can find another Golden Walnut by digging here.

Once you get it, turn right once more to reach a dark tunnel that runs between the trees. You can find a secret Golden Walnut tree by continuing on, going up, turning right, then going up once more. On your way back out, turn south from the parrot system until you reach a cliff edge trail that leads to a second Golden Walnut tree.

Ginger Island South

  • When you first get at the beach, there aren’t many Golden Walnuts there, but once the farmhouse is unlocked, the Beach Resort may be accessed for 20 Golden Walnuts. This not only allows you to observe your neighbors tanning — sure, it’s strange — but it also makes the South East beach accessible. This beach, which was formerly blocked by driftwood, includes a star-shaped pool in the center where you may fish for a Golden Walnut, a triangle-shaped cluster of yellow starfish, each of which contains a Golden Walnut hidden inside, as well as access to a hidden pirate cove.
  • On a nice day, go to the beach after eight o’clock at night, and you’ll hear pirate music playing. If you head into the cliff, you’ll enter a magnificent pirate party where you can play darts to win 3 Golden Walnuts. It’s simple enough to reach a score of 301 with a decreasing amount of darts if you get acclimated to the floaty aim. At the bottom right of the cave, among three barrels of various sizes, is a Golden Walnut that is concealed in some soil.
  • To balance out the weather possibilities, if you go to the same beach on a wet night, a mermaid will show up on a rock out in the water. She will give you 5 Golden Walnuts for nothing more than playing her a tune on the beach with Flute Blocks. Each block must be tuned to the number of stones above it in pitch. Once Robin has earned 6 hearts, you will receive a Flute Block recipe if you don’t already have one. We advise giving the Carpenter lots of goat cheese and spaghetti as gifts if you haven’t reached that point with him yet.

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