How To Get Hearts: Stardew Valley

Players must accumulate 250 friendship points with the NPC in order to enhance friendship by one of hearts. Almost every engagement, including talking to the character and giving them gifts, affects friendship in some way. Players can increase their friendship score by taking positive actions, but friendship will decline if they ignore the character or engage in certain negative behaviors.

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Did you realize that making friends with NPCs has various advantages? However, even brief talks give you some credit. But these are the ranked techniques you can use if you’d like a more efficient and quick way to interact with these folks and earn Stardew Valley Friendship Hearts!

The majority of gamers would find strengthening their bonds with the Stardew Valley residents to be the most difficult task. Surprisingly, each character has a distinct preference; some may be considered “high-maintenance.” However, you might like them for who they are as people and what they have to offer.

How can you learn more about them? Simply earning Friendship Hearts with them will strengthen your bond with them. Here is a guide that will explain the significance of these hearts and the best ways to acquire them so you can understand more about it.

What Are Friendship Hearts

These Stardew Valley Friendship Hearts are a great way to express how close you are to a villager. As you gain them, Heart Events become available, allowing you to discover more about them. By selecting the letter E on your keyboard and hovering your cursor over the heart icon on the just-opened tab, you can find it.

You typically share ten Friendship Hearts with each villager as well. But this ten heart meter becomes a fourteen heart meter if you decide to wed a marryable person or get a roommate. They are each worth 250 Friendship Points.

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Ways To Get Hearts


1.  Giving Gifts

If you give them things and they like or love them, you might get a respectable number of points. To avoid losing points from your current standing, make sure you are aware of the products they enjoy.

Additionally, there are things that all villages agree on liking, disliking, or loving. Even though certain presents are regarded as neutral, giving them nonetheless earns you some points. But depending on the character’s interests, there might be some exceptions to what NPCs often like and dislike.

Through the Secret Notes and some conversations with their friends and family, you can learn about their preferences. Since it delivers more points, we think it’s the best and simplest approach to build strong relationships with the Stardew Valley’s inhabitants.

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2. Talking To Villagers

Talking to them on a regular basis also rewards you with a few points; normally, you receive 20 anytime you speak with them. However, if they’re performing unusual motions like working out or staring at their camera, you’ll only score 10 points.

But because it only takes a few seconds, it’s also a popular technique to increase your relationship with NPCs. Additionally, you can use it to discover more about their opinions and personalities.

3. Participating In Heart Events

In Stardew Valley, every villager has a special interaction with you that happens once in a lifetime. You can give them advice and respond to their inquiries. It should be noted that this is not a free-will conversation. You have a few possibilities for answering their questions.

Since you learn more about each other, it’s a terrific method to start building a relationship with them. But be careful what you say because if they take offense, you lose points right away. It depends on the event and villager you’re dealing with

4. Interacting With Them In Festivals

Talking to unmarryable villages when they are celebrating festivals isn’t all that different from our second idea. However, bachelors and bachelorettes are exempt from this rule. You will receive an automatic 250 points if you invite any of them to dance with you at the Flower Dance Festival.

When you give your secret buddy a present at the Feast of the Winter Star, you’ll receive x5 as many friendship points. Since the ingredients you add to your soup should be of high quality and well-liked or adored, occasions like Luau may badly or positively effect your relationship with the villagers.

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5. Completing Quests

This fifth suggestion could seem like a laborious effort. You must work hard and put in a lot of time searching for some stuff. Moreover, there are two types of tasks that grant friendship points: (1) Help Wanted Board; and (2) Stardew Valley Story Quests.

6. Watching A Movie With Them

Since you’d have to restore the Community Center, which also necessitates finishing the Missing Bundle, we ranked this technique as second to last. You can also do this in a more convenient, but more expensive, method by paying Morris 500,000g after improving the community in Stardew Valley.

Whichever approach you choose has disadvantages. You’ll have to do a ton of jobs if you pick option 1, while option 2 costs a significant amount of gold. You will only gain 200 points if the character you invited absolutely adores the film, and just 100 points if they merely find it enjoyable.

Even worse, your 1,000g would be wasted if they didn’t enjoy the movie because it didn’t strengthen your bond. In order to properly invite your target NPC and strengthen your friendship via this strategy, you must be aware of which show is airing at any given time during every season.

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