How To Get In The Sewer: Stardew Valley

To the south of Pelican Town lie the Sewers, but you can’t get there until you get the Rusty Key. This is acquired by giving the Museum 60 unique objects.

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You can locate Krobus and his business in the Sewers. Additionally, it houses the Mutant Bug Lair, which Krobus unlocks for you as part of the Dark Talisman quest, and the Statue of Uncertainty, which costs 10,000g and lets you change the occupations connected to your Skills. You can also fish here in addition to this.

You may explore a ton of interesting places in Stardew Valley. While some of these are available right once, others require some time to uncover. The Sewers is one of the areas that can be unlocked.

This section, which is green and flows beneath Pelican Town, has a fishing hole, an NPC who sells new items, and it’s crucial for one of the game’s post-game quests. This guide will explain how to unlock the sewers and cover all of the pertinent information.

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Requirements To Unlock The Sewers

You must give the Museum at least 60 artifacts before you can access the Sewers. On the town’s furthest right side, and beneath the blacksmith where Clint is located, is the location of the Museum.

You can donate a variety of antiquities and minerals here. These things can be retrieved from the earth at artifact locations, geode cracks, or during mining.

This may seem like a lot of things, but as you initially descend into the mines, you will find a variety of relics and minerals. Keep every geode you come across so Clint can also crack it open. These are excellent places to get donations for the museum.

You will get the Rusty Key once you have contributed 60 things. You will have quick access to the Sewers once you have this key.

Location Of Pelican Town’s Sewers

It’s time to locate the sewers now. This region has two different entrances. To the left of the cemetery and the Mayor’s Mansion in the town’s center lies the first entrance. You’ll notice a small, gated space with the square sewer cover. Approach the cover and enter the sewers at this point.

Another entrance to the sewers is at the southernmost point of Cindersap Forest. From Marnie’s Ranch, move southward. When you reach the river’s bank, a wooden bridge will be visible to your right. To get to the other side of the river, cross the bridge, then proceed across a small island. Continue south from here until you reach the sewer grate. You can access the Sewers from here if you descend the stairway.

Within the Sewers area, these two entrances link. This means that you can use the Sewers shortcut to travel fast to Cindersap Forest’s southernmost point if you’re in town.

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Fishing In The Sewers

You can fish in the sewers, despite the fact that the water is pretty disgusting. See the potential catches from fishing in the sewers in the contents below.

  • Mutant Carp
  • Carp
  • Green Algae
  • White Algae
  • Trash

Although fishing in the Sewers isn’t the most interesting activity, it is the only place where you can discover the Mutant Carp, one of the game’s five Legendary Fish.


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Krobus is located on the right side of the sewers. This friendly monster resides exclusively in the sewers. Like the other shadow creatures discovered in the mines, Krobus is a shadow person. Although Krobus will occasionally refer to these monsters as his pals, he is currently the only shadow person with whom you can communicate.

Krobus will also have an alternate stock that is different every day of the week in addition to this. Below is a list of his weekly picks.

Krobus is also available to you as a roommate. Instead of falling in love with a different player or NPC, you can get to know Krobus better and finally ask him to move in with you. You need the Void Ghost Pendant for this.

Mutant Bug Lair

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In the upper left-hand corner of the Sewers is the Mutant Bug Lair. The entrance has a small trickle of green water flowing through it.

You cannot reach this place before you start the quest Dark Talisman. You must enter the Mutant Bug Lair to obtain the Dark Talisman for this quest. This will start the quest The Goblin Problem.

The Mutant Bug Lair doesn’t provide much else to do besides this. Bug swarms will often drop meat, which you can use to make bait. The Slimejack fish can also be found in this region. Only in this region can you find the Slimejack. It is accessible every day of the year.

This fish is a little challenging to catch since local pests will assault you as you fish.

Statue Of Uncertainty

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The Statue of Uncertainty comes last. You can change your occupation thanks to this statue.

You can select from a variety of occupations in Stardew Valley as you level up your various skills. However, you could occasionally regret making a particular career choice. Fortunately, you can change your profession at this statue for 10,000g.

Any bonuses you have connected to a career will vanish the next day. This implies that you will continue to receive the bonus even if you switch professions after shipping things with it. If you’re not content with your selections, you can even change your occupation once more.

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