How To Get Invite Code: Stardew Valley

The person hosting the game will provide you with the invite code. If you are friends with the host on Steam, you don’t even need to provide a code if the host has the game available for friends. The invite code may be located in the settings menu, under the Multiplayer submenu.

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A game with a lot of longevity is Stardew Valley. There is so much for players to see, do, and unlock that many choose to start completely fresh playthroughs to explore all the different routes they can follow through the independent smash hit.

The much-anticipated co-op mode was recently added to Stardew Valley in a test version. Many people have been wanting to invite others over and play cooperatively, and you can now! You can start playing Stardew Valley and inviting your friends once you’ve installed the beta, but there are a few things you need to complete first. What you need to know to start playing Stardew Valley in cooperative mode with your pals is provided below.

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How To Get Invite Code

Make sure you have a cabin prepared for each of your pals before inviting them to join your Stardew Valley game. If you’re using a pre-made game, you should start building them cabins straight away because they’ll all need a somewhere to sleep at night. Just make sure you pick to start the game with cabins if you’re using a brand-new game, or else you’ll have to build them as well.

The good news is that it only costs 100 Gold and 10 Stone to build a cabin, and you can accomplish it by speaking to Robyn. Save your game after constructing the cabins, then go back to the title screen and access the co-op menu. You should be able to select the save file from the host tab here.

You must invite your pals after you are in the cooperative game. You can choose between the Friends-Only and Invite-Only server types. Anyone on your friends list is welcome to join the game and participate in the activities when Friends-Only is selected. You should choose Invite-Only if you only want a small group of friends to join, as this option requires you to personally invite them or email them an invite code.

Go to the game’s settings and scroll down to the Multiplayer section to discover the Invite Code. When you get to this page, you can either select the Invite Friend button to send them an immediate invitation or the Show Invite Code option to display the code in-game. Then, all you have to do is share the code with your friends so they can immediately join your game.

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Advantages Of Playing Stardew Valley With Friends

One of the best farming games available is Stardew Valley, and playing with others makes it even more enjoyable. A peaceful co-op session with friends offers a chance to catch up while turning up the game and experiencing the simple life. Playing this game with others has a lot of benefits and offers several ways to enhance enjoyment.

  • Accomplish More Together.
  • Get Through Skull Cavern.
  • Create Your Own Challenges.
  • Great for Beginners.

By fishing and watering crops every day while chatting about your day, that new game that’s coming out, or what to do this weekend, it’s simple to go into autopilot. Except when you’re destroying each other’s crops or stuffing chests full of a single rock per area, it’s a stress-free game that fosters a stress-free environment for players to interact in. There are various ways to have fun playing Stardew Valley, which is a fantastic game to play with friends.

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