How To Get Pine Tar In Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, pine tar is a special resource needed for a number of crafting methods. A tapper planted on a pine tree produces pine tar, which is tree sap. It takes 5 to 6 days to complete.

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Pine Trees on The Farm or those that naturally grow in Stardew Valley (such as those near the Carpenter’s Shop, the Railroad, and Cindersap Forest) can be tapped to produce this. Rarely is it also obtainable after chipping hardwood in a wood chipper. Pine Tar is a component of homemade Speed Gro that has been shown to hasten crop maturation. Greater harvests every season equate to more money, therefore this can help you get more of them.

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Pine Tar has the in-game label “Artisan Good,” although it actually benefits from the Tapper Profession (+25% value), not the Artisan Profession.

Fortunately, if you know where to look, it’s simple to find.

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What’s A Pine Tar?

A non-seasonal tree sap produced by tapped pine trees is called pine tar (PT). It will take you five to six days to get it.

Additionally, it is an inedible Artisan Good that benefits the Tapper Profession rather than the Artisan Profession. In Stardew Valley, having the latter career raises the value of your tapped items by 25%.

Where To Get It?

It can be obtained most easily by tapping pine trees in your farm and other areas, such as:

  • Cindersap Forest.
  • Rail Road.
  • Around the Carpenter’s Shop in the Mountains.

0.66% of it can also be obtained from a wood chipper since it breaks down some hardwood.

How to craft pine tar

When you achieve foraging level three, you can easily manufacture a tapper, which is required to acquire pine tar in Stardew Valley. If you don’t yet have this level, go looking for foraging things on the ground or cutting down trees will ultimately bring your foraging skill to level three. When it occurs, you can use the materials on the following list to make a tapper.

  • Forty Wood
  • Two Copper Bars

Once you’ve created a tapper, plant it on any pine trees in Stardew Valley or on your farm. In five to six days, the tapper will produce pine tar for you. The heavy tapper is a more advanced variation of the standard tapper, and it can be made with the supplies indicated below.

  • Thirty Hardwood
  • One Radioactive bar

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In addition to utilizing a tapper, you can also obtain pine tar by putting hardwood inside a wood chipper; however, this only occurs infrequently, so we don’t advise relying on this approach excessively. Following the acquisition of pine tar, you can use it to create the products listed below.

Rain Totem: Sixty Wood, One pine tar, Thirty fiber

Loom: One pine tar, One calm

Speed Gro: One Hardwood, Five pine tar, One truffle oil


Selling: Selling it will net you 100g, and if you have the Tapper Profession, 125g will be yours. It makes the most sense to use it for crafting because you won’t profit much from it in terms of currency.

Quests: Fish Pond Adventure Pine Tar might be asked by Woodskip to increase the pond’s capacity from five to seven.

Tailoring: To generate an orange dye for your pots, you can build a Floppy Beanie and use portion of the material.

Gifting: Other NPCs won’t accept it because they don’t like it, but Maru would be grateful if she received this tree sap.

Bundles: Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room can be finished with it as an option.

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