How To Get Red Cabbage: Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, red cabbage is a useful plant to have in your garden. Here’s how to acquire it and incorporate it into your farm.

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Stardew Valley is among the best RPGs currently available. Its moving narrative, enjoyable gameplay, and the lively world have turned it into a game that everyone should play. Its broad content, which guarantees that there is something for every player, accounts for a large portion of its attraction. It combines elements of an agricultural simulator, an RPG, and a mystery.

All year long, a variety of unusual plants and veggies will appear on your farm thanks to the many seasons in Stardew Valley. Red cabbage is a vegetable that requires patience. Although planting it can only take place during a certain time of the year, it’s a terrific addition to your farm and offers a fair price on the market.

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What Is Red Cabbage

After nine days, red cabbage grows from red cabbage seeds as a vegetable crop. The seeds become available in Year 2 onward. Purchasing red cabbage or red cabbage seeds from the traveling cart has a slim chance of happening.

Red Cabbage Seeds

You may sow red cabbage seeds in the summer. They cost 100g at Pierre’s General Store, where the player can purchase them. They eventually turn into Red Cabbage. They can be found at:

  • At the Magic Shop Boat at the Night Market on Winter 16 for Gold.png100g starting in Year 2.
  • At the Traveling Cart for Gold.png150-1,000g. If the “Guarantee Year 1 Completable” in the “Advanced Game Options” is checked, they are guaranteed to be available at the Traveling Cart at least once in Year 1.
  • In a Seed Maker from a processed Red Cabbage.
  • In the Skull Cavern from slain Mummies (0.2% chance).
  • In the Skull Cavern from slain Serpents (0.2% chance).
  • In the Skull Cavern from slain Purple Slimes (0.125% chance). [1]
  • In Skull Cavern treasure rooms (1/675 chance (≈0.15% chance) for 5 to 20 seeds).

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Locations You Can Find Red Cabbage

You don’t have to travel very far to find the red cabbage if you’re looking for it. It may be purchased for 100 gold pieces throughout the summer at Pierre’s General Store, which is the closest location. Additionally, you can purchase it from the Traveling Cart for various amounts ranging from 150 gold pieces to the ludicrous choice of closer to 1,000. The Night Market, which only appears during Winter 16, is the last place you can find it.

The important thing to remember right now is that this vegetable won’t be available until your second year. Don’t waste your time hunting around before the second year of your Stardew Valley game because you won’t find it at any of these locations.


Red cabbage needs nine days to reach maturity after being planted. Over several days, the plant’s development is visible. Every mature red cabbage can be sold for 260 gold pieces once it is ready, but a silver star sells for 325 and a gold star for 390 gold pieces. As an alternative, you can use it to prepare a red plate, coleslaw (which also requires vinegar and mayonnaise), or fish tacos (which also require tuna, a tortilla, and mayonnaise) (it also requires a radish). Additionally, you can place it in the sewing machine to make a tank top that you can color.

A greenhouse allows you to grow this vegetable all year long, which is a terrific produce to have on hand. A greenhouse can be obtained by fixing one through the Community Center’s pantry bundles or by paying 35,000 gold pieces to purchase one from the Joja Community Projects. It requires time to develop or is a money pit, but it gives you access to certain crops throughout the year. That transaction is significant.

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