How To Get Refined Quartz: Stardew Valley

Here is how to obtain refined quartz, which is required in Stardew Valley for a number of crafting recipes, quests, and one of the new Community Center bundles.

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In Stardew Valley, there are a wide variety of goods that may be crafted as well as a wide variety of materials that can be used to create those products. While some materials these are simple to locate and acquire, such as fibers, wood, and stone, others, such as refined quartz, call for a few additional procedures.

Since it can be foraged in the mines and Skull Cavern, ordinary chunks of quartz are rather simple to locate in Stardew Valley. This can be transformed into refined quartz, but it cannot be utilized in its stead.

Long after its release, Stardew Valley is still one of the most captivating and captivating independent games ever created. Dedicated ConcernedApe fans are eagerly anticipating any updates on The Haunted Chocolatier’s impending release, but for the time being, Stardew Valley and its vibrant modding community are there to keep players occupied and amused while they take care of their farms and relationships. There are still gamers today who have only begun to explore the vanilla versions of this venerable “simulation” game.

Refined Quartz must be obtained if one is to benefit the most from the release. The following guide has been revised to include more thorough information regarding the uses of the material in order to more clearly demonstrate how to obtain refined quartz in Stardew Valley.

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How To Get Refined Quartz

Players can obtain refined quartz in a variety of ways, including by mining it or discovering it naturally. As players advance in Stardew Valley, they will have more resources at their disposal, making it easier and easier to obtain refined quartz.

Players can initially obtain these by smelting one piece of regular crystals or by heating crystals in a furnace. This will also cost players one piece of coal, same like previous smelting tasks. Players will receive one piece of refined quartz back when they refine regular quartz, but they will receive three pieces of these things back when they refine fire quartz. Whatever is employed, the process of refining quartz through smelting will take 1.5 hours to finish.

Players can also acquire these by using a recycling device. It will reward players with a piece of purified crystals in exchange for a damaged CD or a pair of spectacles they find when rummaging through trash bins or digging through garbage on a recycling machine. Occasionally, players will also discover these in rubbish bins.

Players can obtain these crystals in the mines and Skull Cavern, however it is quite uncommon. After players smash huge crystals in the mines, there is a sporadic possibility that one will show up. In the mines, ghosts on floors 51 to 90 occasionally drop refined quartz, and carbon ghosts in Skull Cavern drop it 10% of the time.

The player’s farm must contain a ghostfish fish pond if they want to use the last method of getting refined quartz. The fish pond can also begin creating refined crystals once it has nine inhabitants.

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Uses Of Refined Quartz

Refined crystals has a lot of purposes, so players will surely want to get their hands on some throughout their time in Stardew Valley. There are a few recipes, a building, a package, and even a sewing design that make use of the substance. Here is a list of everything that players can create with these things, along with the ingredients required to finish each recipe:


  • Solar Panel – 10 x Refined Quartz, 5 x Iron Bar, 5 x Gold Bar
  • Farm Computer – 10 x Refined Quartz, 1 x Dwarf Gadget, 1 x Battery Pack
  • Crystal Floor – 1 x Refined Quartz
  • Garden Pot – 10 x Stone, 1 x Clay, 1 x Refined Quartz


  • Used as purple dye.
  • Can be incorporated into a sewing machine’s spool to produce a necklace shirt.

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