How to Get Rich in BitLife in 3 Ways: Detailed Guide

How to Get Rich in BitLife in 3 Ways: Detailed Guide

How to Get Rich in BitLife
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We all dream of living that good life by earning tons of money that effectively sets us up for life. Well you might not have been able to achieve that dream in the real world, but there’s nothing stopping you from achieving it in the virtual world of BitLife

So, sit back, relax and arduously go through this guide on how to get rich in BitLife as we take you through the 3 three career paths you could take to achieve fame and fortune. 

However, you should be aware of the fact that you’ll have to make a pretty big choice pretty early on in the game, which we’ll explain of course, that’ll effectively decide the kind of person you’re going to be in the game. 

How to get Rich in BitLife

1.  Join the Mafia and Take on a Life of Crime

The specific end goal of this article is to earn as much money as possible, regardless of whether it’s in a legal or illegal way. 

Which is why we suggest joining the mafia and living a life of crime that in the end pays super well but has its own fair share of risks involved. 

We won’t get into much detail here, as we’ve written a full article on how to join the mafia. 

But we will tell you that having the crime special trait when your character is born can make the process much easier as there’s less chances that you’ll get caught while committing crimes. 

2.  Be Born or Marry into Royalty

Another super way to get rich quickly is to join the royal family. Now, before BitLife released some of their more recent updates, getting into a royal family was purely based on luck as you could only be born into one. 

However, ever since the royal family update, players now have the chance to increase their fame to a point that they can marry a royal family member and get access to those riches. 

For that though you’ll have to first get a high fame job like that of an actor or singer before you can realistically approach a royal family member and expect to get your proposal for marriage accepted. 

For more details on the entire process you can refer to our full guide on how to marry into royalty right here. 

3.  Opt for a High Paying Job

Last but not least, the undisputed best way to earn boatloads of money in the game is to opt for one of the numerous high paying jobs in the game. 

Even one of these jobs can make you into a millionaire, however, you will have to toil a bit to earn them. Some of the most high paying jobs in the game are that of an actor, singer, writer, lawyer, CEO, doctor and developer. 

For jobs that require special skills like acting and singing you just need to head into the mind and body section in the activities tab and hone your respective crafts. 

But if you want to become a CEO of a company, a doctor, or a lawyer, you will have to seek higher education and pay your way through each individual school. 

You will also have to work consistently hard in your initial job to get promoted to the real high paying jobs that reward you for your time and effort. 

Wrapping up

And there it ladies and gentlemen, that was our guide on how to get rich in Bitlife in 3 separate ways. Before we come to the conclusion of this article though, we would like to leave you with a tip that could help you get the career you want and make the game much easier for you overall. 

Make as many quick saves as you can, especially before any important decision you’re about to make. If your path doesn’t work out just reload your save and choose a different path or try the same path again and you might succeed. 

Because at the end of the day, BitLife’s algorithm is based on chance which effectively allows players to get any career they wish if they’re smart enough.

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