How To Get Sashimi In Stardew Valley

Sashimi is a prepared food. It is made either in a modernized farmhouse kitchen or using a Cookout Kit. On Saturdays, sashimi could emerge at random in Krobus’ store or in the Stardrop Saloon’s changing inventory.


If you use fish that costs less than 75g of gold, this dish can be profitable. (For further information, see When to make fish into sashimi.) However, saving fish with a basic value of less than 75g of gold for Help Wanted missions may be a better choice because these quests typically pay triple the base value of the fish. With a base price of 20g of gold, Periwinkle is an exception; it is more advantageous to transform.

A game with a lot of longevity is Stardew Valley. There is so much for players to see, do, and unlock that many choose to start completely fresh playthroughs to explore all the different routes they can follow through the independent smash hit.

What Is Sashimi

Stardew Valley features sashimi, a delicacy made by slicing raw fish into incredibly thin pieces. Any fish in the game can be used to make this dish. When you’ve gotten three hearts with Linus, he’ll mail you the recipe. Since Sashimi does not provide any buffs, its widespread availability and practicality are what make it so amazing.

You may stockpile food to keep you alive and energized while exploring the many mines, and this food is one of the simplest foods to locate. Make a ton of these foods using all those snails and periwinkles from your crab pots. Since this food sells for more than many fish do, it can also be produced from a wide range of common fish to raise their sale price.

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How To Make Sashimi In Stardew Valley

When your friendship level reaches at least three hearts, Linus will give you the sashimi recipe and you can then make sushi in Stardew Valley. The sashimi recipe will now arrive in the mail from Linus.

Having said that, we have a great guide that explains how to increase your friendship level with NPCs if you’re unsure how to accomplish it. Linus, once you get the recipe form, you have the following alternatives for cooking sashimi.

Upgraded Farmhouse Kitchen

You’ll spend a lot of time in several locations throughout Stardew Valley, but none more so than your farmhouse, which will serve as your primary residence. You’ll start out living in a tiny cabin with just one room, but you can later upgrade to a vast house with several rooms of your choosing.

This kitchen has a fridge where you may keep things like a chest in addition to being utilized to prepare meals and fill up your watering can. If the ingredients are in the refrigerator, you can make meals, extending your culinary inventory in a way.

To unlock the kitchen, you will need to upgrade your home once; see below for a complete list of what you require.

  • 10k gold
  • 450 wood

Cookout Kit

To cook outside of the player’s farm house, they can use the Cookout Kit to build a small cooking fire. It can be removed after placement by using an axe, hoe, or pickaxe. Any overnight leftover barbecue supplies will vanish the following day. The prize for finishing the green bundle and Wild Medicine bundle in the craft room is two cookout kits (Remixed).

You’ll need the things on the list below, as well as at least nine foraging skills, to get the cookout kit.

  • 15 wood
  • 10 fiber
  • 3 coal

Additionally, you can occasionally purchase sashimi from Krobus on Saturdays or from the Stardrop Saloon. Simply click on your stove or cookout kit after receiving your sashimi recipe to prepare it; you’ll also need any kind of fish. Simply put, if you don’t know how to catch fish, you’ll need to get a fishing pole and utilize it close to a body of water.

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Uses Of Sashimi

Tailoring: To make a shirt, sashimi is placed on the sewing machine’s spool. The dye pot at Emily and Haley’s residence, 2 Willow Lane, may also utilize it as a red dye.

Quests: In the “Pierre’s Notice” quest, on the 21st of Spring (year 2), Pierre mails a request for sashimi. 1000 gold and 1 friendship heart are the prizes.

Gifting: Sashimi is a favorite among the villagers, but Sebastian also enjoys it. Emily despises sushi.

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