How to Get Smarter in BitLife in 2 Simple Ways: Full Guide

How to Get Smarter in BitLife in 2 Simple Ways: Full Guide

How to Get Smarter in BitLife

Intelligence is something the people at BitLife value very much and it’s actually the secret to gaining the most high paying jobs in the game. 

At the beginning when a character is born, he/she has three main stats: smarts, looks and happiness. Now, high looks on one hand help characters who’ve opted for modeling or acting careers. 

However, if you do learn how to get smarter in BitLife, the career options in front of you become almost endless. 

Professions like that of a doctor, lawyer, pilot and engineer are all open to you. On top of that, smarts come in pretty handy when you’re looking for scholarships to get into college or some other higher education. 

So, now that we’ve explained the benefits pretty clearly, let’s get into how exactly you can increase your smarts in the game. 

How to Get Smarter in BitLife 

1.  Be Born Smart and Find Activities that Increase Smarts

How to Get Smarter in BitLife

The traditional method and the ones free BitLife players have to adopt is to increase their skills manually by engaging in activities and studying hard in school. 

Most of these activities that increase smarts can be found in the mind and body section in the activities tab. From there you can pick activities like visiting the library, reading books and watching the occasional documentary. 

You can also go into school, select the current school you’re in and choose the study hard option to increase your smarts even further. 

Something that majorly helps even before the mind and body section opens up to your character is for him/her to have high smarts already that can be built upon further. 

And the only way to that is to reroll your character as many times as you have to, to get a character that has at the very least more than 70% smarts. 

2.  Purchase God Mode

A shortcut to increase not only your smarts but all your stats in BitLife is to buy the god mode edition of the game that just came out. 

Now, obviously this version of the game is paid and you won’t actually find any free edition of the game that has god mode preinstalled (trust us we checked). 

So, you’ll actually have to pay the comparatively hefty price if you want some extra freedom over your character’s stats at any point in their life. 

Which essentially means that you can increase their smarts whenever you wish and live the life you want your character to live.  


And that folks is all we have for you in our guide on how to get smarter in BitLife. The most important thing all players reading this should remember is that consistency is the main thing when it comes to improving your stats in BitLife. 

If you’ve decided to increase your smarts then you have to engage in the activities required every year without fail as that’s the only way they’ll consistently go up. 

You could also have the rub of the green if everytime your character ages up, his/her smarts increase naturally. 

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