How To Get To Ginger Island: Stardew Valley

Ginger Island is a brand-new location that was included in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. When all the other content additions from the expansion are taken into account, this late-game addition easily puts in approximately a dozen hours’ worth of content. This transports players out of Pelican Town and into a tropical paradise that is unlike anything they have ever known.

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New characters, puzzles, a dungeon, and even stuff to acquire have been added. However, it might be simple to become lost when trying to take it all in with so much going on on the island.

What Is Ginger Island

A tropical island called Ginger Island is situated south of Stardew Valley. There are scary volcanic monsters there as well as lovely tropical birds. Players can discover new plants to grow, fish to catch, NPCs to make friends with, and a potent new skill that increases the strength of their current armor and weapons by exploring Ginger Island. There are even more hidden surprises to find!

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How To Get To Ginger Island

Taking Willy’s boat is the only method to reach Ginger Island. Willy’s boat, sadly, requires some maintenance.

Willy is the local fisherman in Pelican Town. After you apply the update, you ought to get a note from him requesting your assistance. (If this doesn’t occur, you need to have completed the Joja Mart development or Community Center restoration missions first.)

You’ll discover a door in the back of Willy’s house on the pier that was obviously not there previously. It will be accessible once you have finished either of the aforementioned quests and have Willy’s message.

There is an outdated boat within. Willy says that since he lacks the necessary resources, he needs your assistance to restore it. Naturally, you’ll be taking this boat to Ginger Island, so it’s in your best interest to repair it.

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How To Fix Willy’s Boat

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Willy’s boat needs three repairs, each requiring a different set of materials:

  • 200 pieces of hardwood are required to fix the boat.
  • 5 iridium bars to repair the anchor.
  • 5 battery packs to repair the ticket machine.

How long you’ve been playing Stardew Valley will probably determine how quickly you can assemble these supplies. For instance, long-time players will undoubtedly already have a significant supply of hardwood; while, fresh players or those who have recently resumed the game will likely need more time to save up the resources.

The goal of Ginger Island is to enhance Stardew Valley’s latter game. If you’re still quite early in your save, it will be a struggle to reach there anytime soon.

By chopping up mahogany trees, substantial tree stumps, or logs, hardwood can be obtained. Although the 200 criterion can sound onerous, it is actually the simplest and most typical component to gather. Additionally, once you have it, you don’t need to do anything to it.

Solar panels or lightning rods can produce battery packs during thunderstorms (after seven days of sunshine). They can be purchased from the Traveling Cart as well.

Five pieces of iridium ore and one piece of coal can be combined to smelt iridium bars in the furnace. Once you’ve gathered everything you need, go back to Willy’s house and make the repairs.

How To Sail To Ginger Island

Would you believe that Willy still charges you 1,000 gold for each visit to Ginger Island despite everything you’ve just done for him?

Yes, the man has a business to run, but even without taking into account the time you spent on this endeavor, the materials had some resale value. You’d think he’d at least provide you with a few complimentary tickets or a deal of some sort.

Despite Willy’s tendency to be a skinflint, this is wonderful news. You can use the boat to travel to Ginger Island as frequently as you’d like after waiting one in-game day for the repairs, provided you have the money to rent it.

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