How To Get To Wizard Tower: Stardew Valley

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The Wizard resides in the Wizard’s Tower. It is situated on Cindersap Forest’s western outskirts and is open from 6 am to 11 pm. Until the player receives a letter from the Wizard inviting them to visit him there, the door to the Wizard’s Tower is locked. After the player enters the Community Center and reads the golden scroll in the Crafts Room, or else buys a JojaMart Membership, this day is the first day that is not a holiday. The player’s ability to read Junimo after the visit makes it possible to give bundles to the Community Center.

Basement Room Of Wizard Tower

Players will get access to a basement where they can change their name, gender, favorite thing, and appearance after obtaining four hearts with the Wizard. Players can also alter the cat or dog that they have chosen. Players cannot switch from being a dog to a cat or vice versa. Every time it is utilized, the Shrine of Illusions requires a donation of Gold 500g.

An activated teleportation rune in the basement will provide unfettered access between the basement room and the Witch’s Hut at any moment in the late game when players finish the quest Goblin Problem to acquire access to it.

The Wizard’s Tower in the Cidersnap Forest is one of Stardew Valley’s most enigmatic sites. Players cannot enter this structure at first, and only strange noises may be heard coming from inside. Fortunately, it will eventually rank among the most fascinating and magical places in all of Stardew Valley for players to explore.

The first week of Stardew Valley requires players to invest in developing their friendship with the Wizard and completing specific objectives in order to reach the fully unlocked version of the Wizard’s Tower. This guide is available to individuals who wish to learn more about this structure and the shrines located inside.

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How to Unlock the Wizard’s Tower

Players must initiate the Rat Problem quest from Mayor Lewis at the start of Stardew Valley in order to receive an invitation to the Tower. The earliest this can happen is day 5, and all the player needs to do to advance this quest is try to read the golden scroll inside the Community Center. The player will receive a letter the following day asking them to the Tower, when a cutscene will start. The alternative way to access the tower is by signing up for a JojaMart membership.

However, players must reach four hearts with the Wizard of Stardew Valley in order for the Tower to be fully unlocked. The Shrine of Illusions’ residence in the tower basement is now accessible. Players can alter their name, favorite item, gender, appearance of their pet, and more via this shrine, which costs 500 gold each time.

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What to do at the Wizard’s Tower

Following the completion of the Community Center missions in Stardew Valley as well as the Joja Warehouse path, a cutscene in the railroad zone will launch a series of quests leading to the Witch’s Hut. The shrines in the Witch’s Hut and the ability to construct buildings through the Tower are both unlocked by completing the Goblin Problem quest and giving the Magic Ink back to the Wizard.

Players will now get access to the magical book on the pedestal in the Wizard’s Tower and can buy special structures from the Wizard. These buildings are very pricey, requiring large sums of gold and other resources. It’s also crucial to remember that the Island Obelisk is only accessible after players have made their first trip to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.

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