How to Go Viral on BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Go Viral on BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Go Viral on BitLife

Influencers just may have the most difficult job in the world because they have to entice their followers with regular content that’s funny and/or interesting in its own unique way. 

The best way to do that though is by creating at least one or two videos that go viral and bring in a ton of followers. 

The rules in BitLife are also the same as learning how to go viral on BitLife is the biggest skill you need to learn as an influencer on the world famous life simulator game.

Followers also bring with them views which leads to more income for influencers to create even more content. So, without any further ado let’s get into our method on how to go viral in BitLife. 

How to Go Viral on BitLife

1.  Start Posting Regularly on Social Media

BitLife characters while growing up can only start accessing social media once they reach the age of 13. Thus, the players who want their characters to become successful influencers need to start working towards that goal as soon as they reach the age of 13. 

Unlike real life, the best platform to go viral in BitLife is YouTube so make sure you’re consistently posting on YouTube from a pretty early age. 

Twitter and TikTok are a pretty good option too as the chances of going viral on those platforms is pretty high as well. 

2.  Post the Same Kind of Content Regularly and it will eventually go Viral

How to go Viral on BitLife

The rules in BitLife when it comes to gaining popularity and going viral are a little different from real life. In real life going viral is based purely on chance and uniqueness. 

However, in the virtual world of BitLife, only those influencers or Youtubers who are consistent can come up with viral videos which actually defeats the purpose of going viral, but we guess it’s ok. 

And the best way to do that for players is to keep posting the same genre or type of content for a long period of time until one of their videos goes viral and attracts a huge number of followers. 

Wrapping Up

And that ladies and gentlemen brings our guide on how to go viral in BitLife to an end. The process itself, unlike in real life, of going viral is pretty streamlined and not at all based on chance. 

As consistent posts are the secret to achieving the feat in the game. 

Influencers who somehow figure out how to go viral reap the benefits in a big way as their viral videos bring an entire new legion of fans and a subsequent increase in total annual income. 

Which is why we consider being an influencer one of the most lucrative careers in BitLife. 

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