How to Have Triplets in BitLife Using 2 Fertility Techniques: Full Guide

How to Have Triplets in BitLife Using 2 Fertility Techniques: Full Guide

How to Have Triplets in BitLife
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BitLife really does try to provide its players with the entire social experience an individual goes through during his/her life from being a child, to choosing a career path, to even having a full fledged family. They’ve even made it possible for female characters to have kids in the game. 

And to even have three of them in one go. However, you do need to learn a few secrets if you really want to know how to have triplets in BitLife because the event on its own without any outside influences is super rare, just like real life. 

Luckily for you though, we’ve come up with two ways in which you could realistically increase your chances of having triplets in the game. 

How to Have Triplets in BitLife

1.  Use the Artificial Insemination Fertility Technique

Having a kid is just not for everyone as some humans are just not fertile enough to get pregnant. However, in BitLife no such rule exists and any character can get pregnant and have kids with their partner. 

But when it comes to having triplets, every player needs to know that the event on its own is likely to never happen, which means you will have to visit the fertility options in the activities tab. 

One fertility option that really has produced results is the artificial insemination technique which female players over the age of 40 can access but not if they’re over 50. 

Now, even with this technique it’s not a given that you’ll have triplets but a trick you could use is to restart your game without closing the prompt until the message says that you’ve successfully had triplets.

2.  Use the IVF Fertility Technique

A technique that both male and female players can use to increase their chances of having a child in general is IVF. Now, just like the artificial insemination option, both partners must agree to this course of action for the game to proceed further. 

After that though, the process itself is the same as artificial insemination, the only difference is that this process is for both males and females while the former is just for females. You can try the same trick with the IVF technique as well. 

Which entails restarting your game if you don’t get the desired results without accepting or opening the prompt. Restart it enough times though and you’ll eventually see the triplets message pop up on the screen. 


And there it is folks, that was our process on how to have triplets in BitLife. There are plenty of other fertility options in the activities tab if you want to look for them. 

But the reason we chose these two specifically is because according to the experiences of players, these two methods have the highest probability of producing triplets. 

In the end though, BitLife as a game is based on chance and you may have to restart the game a number of times before you get the right answer, but if you really do want to have triplets in the game, you should be prepared to put in the work. 

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