How to Have Twins in BitLife Using 2 Separate Fertility Options: Full Guide

How to Have Twins in BitLife Using 2 Separate Fertility Options: Full Guide

How to Have Twins in BitLife
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Even though child rearing is not a mandatory option in BitLife, many players enjoy the entire experience of having kids in the game. Especially females who don’t have to put their own bodies through that experience and can instead watch characters on the screen go through it. 

Figuring out how to have twins in BitLife though is still something you have to do if you don’t want to depend on the game’s random algorithm to give you multiple kids in one go. 

Fortunately for you though, there are a couple of fertility options in the game that drastically increase your chances of having twins in the game. 

So, join us as we discuss the merits of both of them and the exact probability of having twins by following those methods. 

How to Have Twins in Triplets

1.  Use the Artificial Insemination Technique

Although there are plenty of techniques in the famous life sim game, through which a female could realistically have multiple children at one time, the best among them is definitely the artificial insemination technique. Now, there are a few requirements to the technique though. 

Characters opting for the method must be female and over 40 years old but under 50 years old. Now, if your character fulfills these requirements, you can move to the activities tab and select the option from the whole slew of fertility options there. 

A trick that’ll definitely get you twins is to restart the game when the results of the pregnancy arrive on your screen, without closing the prompt itself. Do this enough times and you’ll eventually be treated with the message that you’ve had twins. 

2.  Use the IVF Fertility Technique

How To Have Twins In Bitlife
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Even though the artificial insemination technique has the highest probability of providing you with twins, a technique that’s arguably better is the IVF fertility technique. Why is it better? Simply because both male and female characters over the age of 40 can opt for it. 

After getting permission from their significant other of course. The technique itself can again be influenced to give you twins every time by restarting the game every time you don’t get a favorable result. 

Restart it enough times, without closing the prompt, and you should have the twins message appear on your screen. 


And that’s all it takes folks, to have twins in the game. Now, we certainly hope that our guide on how to have twins in BitLife was easy enough to understand and follow along with, and that you’ve already been blessed with twins by using the approach described above. 

However, players shouldn’t get disheartened if even after restarting the game, the message doesn’t appear for them because BitLife is a game based on chance which means if you restart enough times you’ll eventually get the good news you’re hoping for. 

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