How to Increase Athleticism in BitLife in 3 Simple Ways: Full Guide

How to Increase Athleticism in BitLife in 3 Simple Ways: Full Guide

How to Increase Athleticism in BitLife
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The developers at BitLife just recently released the sports update in BitLife in which they implemented their own idea of different sports leagues that characters can jump into and play. 

However, a basic requirement for the players looking to jump right into these leagues is for your character to have high athleticism. 

And learning how to increase athleticism in BitLife is the first step they’ll have to take if they want their character to progress forward in the leagues that they want him/her to play in. 

Now there are a number of ways in which players can train their characters and in this guide we’re going to cover the most important ones to give you the best chance to increase your athleticism in BitLife. 

How to Increase Athleticism in BitLife

1.  Start Finding Activities in the Mind and Body Section 

The secret to a character’s success in the world of sports in BitLife relies on how much he visits the mind and body section in the activities tab. 

We understand that you can’t go into the section as you’re born but, you can once you turn 8. And if you want to focus on your athleticism specifically then you should opt for martial arts classes at least once every year. 

Once you turn 12, going to the gym should also open up to you and is another place you should visit regularly if you want to build up your strength and athleticism. 

2.  Join your Middle School Sports Team (Optional)

A good way to increase your chances of both getting into a pro team, and increasing your athleticism in BitLife is by joining your middle school sports team and playing for them for at least a year. 

However, this step is not at all necessary as you can achieve the same results by entering into your high school or college team. 

3.  Join your High School and College Sports Team

Speaking of getting into the high school and college teams. It is pretty imperative to increase your chances of playing for your nation and increasing your athleticism even further that you play for your high school or college team. 

Play well enough in high school and you might even get a call up to the pros even before college, just like in real life. 

Wrapping Up

Going regularly to the gym is the number one thing you should be focused on if you really have your eyes set on increasing your athleticism and playing a sport for a career in BitLife. 

Learning and mastering martial arts is also something you should put all your focus in as that gives a huge boost to your athleticism. 

All in all, that’s about all we can offer when it comes to how to increase athleticism in BitLife. In the end all we can hope is that you follow the process we’ve outlined in this guide and that you achieve your dream of making a sport your career in BitLife. 

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