How to make a saddle in Minecraft? 2021

How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

 How to make a saddle in Minecraft?


The saddle is Minecraft’s rare yet most valuable and popular item; You can not craft the saddle on a crafting table or make it in a furnace. It can only be found in the chest at different places using different means.

The saddle helps us to tame animals like horses and donkeys and let us ride on them. It is not common to find the saddle, but we can still find it in places where the chances of getting saddle increase significantly.

Today in this article of How to make a saddle in Minecraft? We will be talking about almost all the places and means we could find to make a saddle.

Quick overview over how to make a saddle in Minecraft.

Here is a quick overview of all the places you can find and make a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Village chests
  • Dungeon chests
  • Nether fortress chest
  • Fishing
  • Dessert temple

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#1 – Villages

Find saddle in village

There is a high chance that you will find the saddle in one of the villager’s chest. All you need to do is find a village and enter the houses there and search all the chests. Villages in Minecraft are typical, and you can always find one under 10k block.

There are three types of villages in three different biomes: the typical Village, Dessert Village and polar Village.

#2 – Saddle in Dungeon

Find saddle in Dungeon

Dungeon in Minecraft is usually the places that are underground with at least one of the zombie spawner near them. You first need to either destroy that zombie spawner, or you will need to stop it by putting a torch on its all sides. After that, you will find a chest near the spawner. There you can find the saddle and take it!

A dungeon is not as typical as villages, but they are still available in sufficient quantity underground.

If you find a cave and go along with it, you might end up in a dungeon; otherwise, mining in a sandy biome is the best way to find a dungeon!

#3 – Saddle in Nether Fortress

Saddle in nether fortress


Nether fortress is the castle-shaped building in nether; There are many chests in a Nether fortress so, the probability of getting saddle in a nether fortress increases significantly. Before going to a Nether fortress, you first will need to enter the nether.

To enter the nether, you will first need to make a nether portal using obsidian and lit it up using Flint and Steel.

Once you lit up the box-like structure made out of Obsidians, it will show a purple light in it where you will have to stand, and it will teleport you to the nether.

After entering the nether, you will need to explore a bit and find a castle-like structure, and there you have it, a Nether fortress.

There are so many zombies and unique creature there, so you will need to watch out before getting that saddle from those chests!

#4 – Fishing

Getting a saddle out of Fishing is one of the hardest and luckiest of all the places we told you about; to increase the chances of getting a saddle from Fishing, you will need to enchant your fishing rod with enchantments like Luck of the sea.

After you enchant it, all you have to do is be patient and keep on Fishing until you get it!

#5 – Dessert Temple

Saddle in Dessert Temple

A desert temple is an ancient temple-like structure that is only available in the sandy biome.

Dessert temple can be really hard to reach and can be extremely dangerous ’cause all of the traps waiting for you there.

You will need to focus on every step after entering it!

Once you find a dessert temple, don’t go rushing in it! You first need to see where the middle-pressure plate is in the temple because if you do not destroy it, The TNT under the temple will get triggered and destroy everything.

After destroying the pressure plate, mine underneath the temple and remove all of the TNT and once you do that, you will find yourself surrounded by many chests, and you will find a saddle in one of those!

How to get the saddle in creative mode?

  • Java:¬†Look in creative inventory under the transportation category.
  • Pocket Edition: In creative inventory under tools/equipment.
  • Bedrock – Under equipment.

Still, got questions about How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

I hope this guide will help you in making a saddle in Minecraft. If you still got any queries or suggestions, you can leave a comment in our comment section.






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