How to Make the Most Money in BitLife in 3 Simple Ways: Detailed Guide

How to Make the Most Money in BitLife in 3 Simple Ways: Detailed Guide

How to Make the Most Money in BitLife
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As many of you would expect, making money in BitLife is substantially easier than in real life which is why you’ve more of a chance to earn a ton of it in the game. 

However, money doesn’t come by very easily either as you will have to look for different avenues during your playthrough. 

Luckily for you, we’ve devised a way on how to make the most money in BitLife that should get you closer to your goal of becoming a billionaire in the game. 

Now, keep in mind that there are multiple ways to acquire that wealth, but each one of them may take a different playthrough to accomplish. With that said, let’s not waste anymore time and hop right into the guide down below. 

How to Make the Most Money in BitLife

1.  Join the Mafia 

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty in the process of making that paper then we’d suggest opting for a career in crime, specifically as part of the mafia. 

Now, there are plenty of crime families that you could theoretically join and earn millions with, but you’d still have to go through an initiation process first. 

The process itself entails committing as many crimes as you can without getting caught. Commit enough of these crimes and you’ll eventually get a proposal from a high ranking crime family asking you to join them and enjoy your life of crime and luxury. 

2.  Go for The Highest Paying Job

The safest career in BitLife is to opt for a job (kind of like real life) and keep progressing gradually every year until you can make enough money to be called a billionaire. 

There are a few high paying jobs right off the bat that can elevate your living quality almost instantly. These include careers as lawyer, doctor, actor, singer and engineer. 

However, most of these careers will require you to toil a little bit and go through higher education like law school, med school and obviously college. 

The acting and singing job though just entails that you perfect your acting and singing skills by heading into the mind and body section and taking voice or acting lessons. 

The initial job you find in the jobs tab won’t pay too much but keeping your head down and working hard can lead to subsequent promotions that can realistically take you to billionaire status. 

3.  Marry into Royalty

The easiest method by far of earning lots of money and getting to that billionaire status is by being born into royalty in BitLife. 

For that to happen though you’ll have to reroll your character almost an uncountable number of times until he/she is born into a royal family that has some money in the bank. 

There is a way to enter the royal family even if you’re not born into it and that’s by marrying into it. Keep in mind though, that this method entails earning plenty of fame and some devious scheming on your part. 

Once you’ve earned enough fame as an actor, writer, singer or musician, the proposals from royal families should start appearing in the dating section on the main menu. 

Choose a royal family to marry into at this point and you should be all set to eventually become a billionaire. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s about all we’ve got folks when it comes to how to make the most money in BitLife. Just make sure that whichever path you pick is something you stick to, as making the most money is directly linked to how long you can pursue something in BitLife. 

Other than that, just focus on following any of the paths we’ve laid down to a T and you should find yourself in a pretty solid monetary position by the end of your playthrough. And even earn the achievements that come with becoming a billionaire in the game. 

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