How to Make Tinted Glass Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Make Tinted Glass Minecraft?

In 2021’s Caves and Cliffs part 1, tinted glass was added as a new variety of glass to Minecraft. In the game, different glass hues may be created by mixing different dyes. This variation is created in a different manner, though. Due to its ability to hide the light, this form is likewise more unique than any other.

The game offers players a total of 18 distinct varieties of glass blocks and panes to select from. Sand may be melted in a furnace to produce ordinary glass, and dye can be used to create stained varieties. Tinted glass is made using unique materials and is used in unique circumstances.

Make Tinted Glass Minecraft

The game’s upcoming major upgrade is version 1.17, however, if you have the Java version, you may still use some of the new features by playing in snapshots. Even if not everything will be accessible to you, you should still give some of these recently introduced products a shot!

You may now make glass that is transparent while yet blocking out light thanks to one such new innovation. You’ll now have access to some intriguing novel building techniques.

Complete Guide

How to Make Tinted Glass

Make Tinted Glass Minecraft
Four Amethyst Shards and one Glass Block are required to make Tinted Glass. You must search for amethyst geodes underground to find amethyst shards. These are subterranean locations where Amethyst Cluster-growing Budding Amethyst blocks can be found.

You should be able to find one if you simply mind about it because they aren’t buried very deeply and don’t seem to be all that uncommon. Sand may be used in a smelter to make glass! In a crafting table, combine the four amethyst shards with one block of glass to make two tinted glasses.


Acquiring Amethyst Crystals

Make Tinted Glass Minecraft
Between sea level and bedrock, there are underground deposits of amethyst geodes. If you come across a new material block called Tuff, you’ll know you’re getting close to one. The topmost layer of an amethyst geode is that.

After that, you’ll come across Calcite, and ultimately, Amethyst Blocks. You should discover budding amethyst chunks and perhaps even mature clusters in this circular region. The Budding Amethyst blocks cannot be moved, so all you need to do is come back sometimes to collect more if you run out.


The wonderful thing about tinted glass is that if you break it, you can repair it like any other brick. That’s a really convenient function since broken glass just has to be replaced because it shatters. Like any other opaque block, tinted glass prevents light from passing through it. However, since it is transparent, you can use it for some interesting design purposes.





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