How To Move Chest: Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, chests are crucial for keeping your possessions organized. Your chests could be in awkward places as your house grows and your storage requirements increase. Whether full or empty, you can transfer them with ease.

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Stardew Valley’s gameplay depends on your ability to store various items. There is a good probability of loot as you level up, find new regions, and unlock additional crafting recipes. Additionally, there is a suitable location ready for you if your inventory is insufficient to hold them.

Renovations are unavoidable, particularly for larger homes. How can treasures be moved now that everything is in disarray to a better spot? Here is a guide to assist you, whether it is loaded or empty.

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Move Empty Chests

All you’ll need is a pickaxe, axe, or hoe to move an empty treasure. Fortunately, you’ll have access to these resources as soon as the game begins. Then, approach the open chest and strike it with your preferred tool.

It will “destroy” the treasure after you hit it with your tool, but you can simply put it back in your inventory afterward. After hitting the treasure, approach it to take it.

There is a straightforward method for moving full treasures as well. If you hit a chest with one or more objects inside of it, nothing will happen.

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How to Move Full Chests

Before the v1.5 upgrade, if you wanted to move a chest that contained stuff, you had to remove everything from it, hit the chest with your farming tool, move the chest, and then put the items back inside. It was laborious.

Since the v1.5 update, all you need to do is strike the chest ten times with empty hands. If you hit it, it will travel one square in that direction.

The treasure will move one square to the left, right, or one square behind your character if something is preventing it from traveling in the direction you are hitting it.

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Move Chests On PC

When dealing with chests, you could run into one of two situations:

  • It’s loaded with items.
  • It’s empty.

If it’s empty, you can destroy it by striking it with any tool other than a Scythe. You can take it out with your bare hands as well, but you’ll need to click Mouse 1 quickly! As you pass it, pick it up and arrange it however you like.

On the other side, Mouse 2 allows you to move a filled chest swiftly with a few clicks. In the direction you are facing, it will advance one tile. It will jump onto the nearest open location if the area is contained.

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Move Chests On Mobile

It’s crucial to be aware that iOS and Android only have the update while the PC version has the most recent 1.5 upgrade. Despite this, relocating these from the Windows version generally differs little from doing so.

The second button will destroy the this if it is empty because of the similarities (same as tools). You cannot, however, move or damage them. Instead, before receiving the this, you will need to personally unload all of the items and move them to a safe location.

Before the 1.5 update, using an axe, pickaxe, or hoe to hit any chest will ruin your farm. You’ll need to clean up the items that are strewn about the floor and put them someplace secure to store them. With the current “Quality of Life” update, hopefully other platforms with older versions will have access to the ease offered by Windows and macOS.

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