How to rapidly get higher ranks in League of legends

League of legends battle

League of Legends is one of the most iconic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games
and stands at nearly 8 million active players a day, according to Riot Games.
For sure, that also means that there are dozens and dozens of seasoned players out there.
If you’re seeking a way to build on your own ranked play,
here are five key points that can help you win, avoid tilt, and win gold.


1 – Get familiar with Your champions.

It sounds like a straightforward starting point, but understanding each champion and what their strengths do will help you find efficiencies with your own preferred champions and help you fight the choices of your enemies.

For instance, if you didn’t know that champ Yasuo could use his ultimate skill with a knock-up and battled a champ like Alistar, who also has a knock-up skill, your team fights wouldn’t be synergized as well.

And if you didn’t realize that the champion you played against had a stun, you ‘d be off from the beginning.


2 – Focus on Your favorite champion.

You will quickly rise in rank if you excel in playing a champion in a specific position. When you know the nuances of the champion, you will concentrate on being in the right position at the right time with your team and set them for a win.

Moving from unlocking a new champion to faithfully “maining” them won’t happen overnight.
It’s going to take loads of games to know the best stuff to purchase, which other champions you ‘re synergizing best and worst with, and the right tactics to recruit.

The devil’s in the details. Even if you’re outstripped by a more powerful competitor,
you can make tiny choices that put you in front with kills and goals that can help you get stronger in the late game.
If you know at level two, for once, that you are going to do more damage than your competitor,
then you should be offensive and aim for a kill or a wave to do enough damage to the tower.


3 – Don’t get disappointed, but self-analytical.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome can get you insane,
particularly League of Legends.
When you eventually lose, you get tilted and upset.
No matter how technically talented you are, it can’t help enhance tilting.

That’s where it’s worth taking a breath and analyzing your play to figure out why things always go wrong.
One topic that any League player can relate to is having Your teammates blaming You over something that they have no influence over.
Likewise, it doesn’t do much for you to criticize your teammates for falling,
while you strive to strengthen your skills.


4 – Think about it before You do it.

We’ve all heard this piece of wisdom, but the concept of thinking about your decisions regardless of the result is extremely crucial in League of Legends.
What appears to be a solid play on the surface may have happened because the enemy got it wrong.
That mindset won’t fly, particularly at higher Elo. Poor choices can turn into poor habits,
and those choices will cost you a game against good opponents.


That was all for today, Hope You enjoyed the article.


Written by Ricky

Have you seen 40-Year-old Virgin? Well, I am 32. I started this blog as a gateway for other simps. Now we are 500,000 strong community.


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