How to Relapse in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Relapse in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Relapse in BitLife

The euphoria challenge has just recently gone live in BitLife and as a result players have been looking for ways to get their character to relapse or get into drugs in general. 

One of the challenge’s tasks actually entails going through a relapse very early on in a character’s life. The only problem with that task though is that relapsing is not a choice that the player can make in the game, it’s an event that occurs randomly. 

However, you can learn how to relapse in BitLife by identifying the situations that can lead to your character choosing to go back into that life of drugs and drinking. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got some pretty good ideas through which you can get your character to relapse and get one step closer to completing the challenge. 

How to Relapse in BitLife

1.  Develop an Addiction in the First Place

It’s pretty common sense that in order to relapse you need to first catch an addiction in the first place. Knowing that is all well and good but actually understanding how to do that is where most of the players fail in the challenge. 

Yes, the actual event itself is random and can happen at pretty much anytime but you still need to place your characters in the position to be able to accept drugs or drinks

And the best way to do that in our opinion is to attend as many parties and go into as many nightclubs as you can with your friends. 

Nightclubs especially always have at least one person doing cocaine or some other drugs which sooner or later they will offer to you as well. 

At that moment it is your job to accept and keep accepting until the notification that your character is addicted pops up. 

2.  Select a Rehab Option from the Activities Tab

The next step is pretty easy but is only possible if your character is actually addicted. All you have to do at this step is move to the activities tab and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the rehab section. 

In this section you’ll have the choice to pick one of three institutions for your rehab. 

We actually suggest choosing the rehab center as they have the fastest programm that’ll have you back on the streets in a couple of months. 

3.  Engage in Activities that Cause you to Relapse. 

Once again the assignment remains the same once you come back from rehab. You have to engage in activities that have the maximum chances of getting your character to relapse back into their vice. 

Thus, you’ll have to once again start visiting nightclubs and attending parties with your friends, whatever worked for you before. 

That should get your character to relapse and allow you to finish that task of the euphoria challenge.  

Final Thoughts

Obviously relapsing is no good thing when it comes to real life, but this is one of those rare instances where knowing that it’s just a game actually benefits the player and allows him/her to be ruthless when it comes to their character’s health in order to complete a challenge. 

Most of the tasks in the euphoria challenge are related to drugs and addiction (kind of like the show itself) so if you do learn how to relapse in BitLife, it should help you complete many tasks of the challenge itself that would’ve remained otherwise unfulfilled. 

And thankfully for you, you’ve now got a guide that takes you through every step of that process. 

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