How to restart your adventure in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Since a huge part of Harry Potter’s fun: Hogwarts Mystery game is to send a young witch or wizard through Hogwarts’ whole school journey, you wouldn’t think too many players would deliberately try to get through. Clear ahead would seem to be the way to go, find out which content is still waiting for — especially because developers are adding more over time, starting with Year 3, which wasn’t in the game at launch.

Even, we’ve seen a lot of smartphone gamers wondering in different sites across the internet how to restart Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery so they could start again. They may not have been pleased with the gender or beauty choices they made, or they may have rethought those decisions taken at different points during their trip. Since the game does not accept multiple saves per se, the question is a reasonable one: is there a way to reset things?

The short answer is no since the game doesn’t have a clear reset feature, even though you go to the options menu. The longer answer is actually a better one, though, as there are always options to start all over if you’re ready to do so.

Connection error

Restart the game with wifi turned off

This is an approach that we’ve seen mentioned working on a number of forums. Here’s what you’re going to need to do:

  • Exit out of Hogwarts Mystery, closing the app entirely.
  • Put your phone or tablet in airplane mode or otherwise turn off both wifi and cellular signal, if applicable.
  • Launch Hogwarts Mystery again. You’ll get an error message since the game needs wifi or data to play, like many mobile games these days
  • Close the game, again exiting and shutting the app down completely.
  • Reconnect your device to the internet and launch Hogwarts Mystery for a second time.

Note that if you linked to Facebook to save your progress between devices, you’ll have the option of restoring your old game data, and you obviously don’t want to do that if your whole aim is to restart from the beginning. However, you will want to make sure your Facebook account is linked going forward with the new playthrough if you want to have Your new save backed up.

Play Hogwarts Mystery on a different device, not linked to Facebook

This is a bit of a common-sense approach, so if you have a second phone or tablet, you can only start saving the gadget and choosing not to connect it to your Facebook account. That restricts you to only playing on that platform because the social media connexion is important for cross-playing, but it’s definitely a viable way to go, particularly if you just want to dabble in a second account and see what’s going on with stuff like sorting, wand choice and the like.

Also, you can still opt to connect your Facebook account later and then use 
that save to switch back to the first computer you used to play Hogwarts Mystery.

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