How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife

We ourselves love players who don’t follow the exact best path that the game has already set for them. We enjoy players who take risks and engage in mischievous tasks, especially in a life sim game like BitLife. 

However, sometimes being mischievous can go horribly wrong, or does it!? 

Well, in this guide we’ll be teaching how to take that first step to completing the paranormal challenge in BitLife by learning how to scare someone to death in BitLife which is one of the key tasks you have to fulfill in the challenge itself. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into the guide itself. 

How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife

1.  Navigate to the Murder Section in the Activities tab

The scare your death option to murder someone doesn’t always work out and sometimes lead to your character being sent to jail and also losing their job in the process. 

Which is why we suggest completing this task of the challenge as early as possible as the punishments are much less harsh for children. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to how you’re going to do it, well that’s simple, all you have to do is move to the activities tab on the main menu and select the murder option that’ll be little low down on the list.  

2.  Choose a Method and your Target

Once you click the murder option, a pop up should show up in front of you asking you to choose the method you’re going to use to commit the murder, and the person you’re going to murder. 

You’re not going to have a lot of people you can choose from if you’re opting to murder someone pretty early on in your life. 

So, just make the decision yourself after taking into consideration all your options and which one works best. 

In the method though, you obviously have to choose “scare to death” and a weapon that can do that job. If the option isn’t available, just back out of the screen, age up and try to find the option again. 

Final Thoughts

Now, as we’ve said before there is a chance that you get caught and are unable to complete the job especially considering what your age is and the experience you have. 

If you’ve followed our advice and opted to go for the kill while you’re still a kid, the punishment even if you are caught won’t be too severe and you’ll only go to juvie for a short time. 

Thus, you can just try again after a short period of time. Therefore, if you want to complete the challenge then paying attention and following our guide on how to scare someone to death in BitLife to a T is extremely necessary. 

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