How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft?

Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

Ever wanted a pet to accompany you as you explore the expansive world of Minecraft? Or maybe someone who can frighten those bothersome skeletons away?

Let’s present the cuddly wolf gangs. They may be trained to follow you about as a pet, battle the hostile mobs with you, and generally be a terrific companion.

It’s simple to train and give the Minecraft wolf a name. So let’s look at some practical advice for taming wolves in the game.


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In Minecraft, How Do I Give a Wolf a Name?

Tame a Wolf in Minecraft
In Minecraft, you must use a nametag to give anything a name, including wolves. There are several locations on the map where you can locate name tags, including the Desert Temple, Underwater Ruins, Sunken Ships, Dungeons, and hidden riches.

Occasionally, dealing with roving vendors will also get you nametags.

After taming your wolf, you may name them by following the procedures below after you receive your nametag.

Place the nametag on an anvil after removing it. Three Iron blocks and one Iron Ingot are required to make one Anvil.
Write the name you wish for your wolf in the top box once the nametag is on the anvil’s left side.

Remove the nametag from the anvil’s GUI’s right side. Please remember that naming it costs you experience points.

Tame a Wolf in Minecraft
Hold the nametag in your right hand and right-click on your wolf after giving it a name.
The nametag will vanish, and your name will appear over it.


How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft?


In Minecraft, you may tame wolves and raise them as pets. They naturally occur in taigas, woodlands, grasslands, and other arid biomes. Despite the fact that they are passive mobs, if you fight them first, they will attack you.

The wolves in Minecraft may be readily tamed with bones because they are not already trained when they spawn. It is possible to collect bones by slaying skeletons at night. The number of bones required to domesticate a wolf, however, might differ.

Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

Approach the wolf while holding the bone in your right hand.
To feed the wolf with the bone, use the right mouse button.
The heart fragments will hover above the wolf after receiving enough bones to do so.

You currently own a domesticated wolf as a pet. You can sit them down or make them stand and follow you by right-clicking on them.





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