How To Upgrade Tools: Stardew Valley

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Players of Stardew Valley can consult this guide to learn where and how to upgrade their tools in the game. In Stardew Valley, your farmer starts out with five tools and soon acquires a sixth. These are essential to your attempts to maintain the farm, collect materials for crafts, earn money, and travel the world. You can enhance the six tools you receive by going to the local blacksmith. Go to the bottom right of the village, cross the bridge to the east, then turn north past the museum to find him. Although they all increase the tool’s effectiveness, each tool upgrade has a unique effect. You need one of four metals—Copper, Iron, Gold, or Iridium—to upgrade.

When they first sign up for Stardew Valley, players have a ton of various things to do. Players are provided with a range of tools by the open-ended RPG to mine, fight, and farm their way through a playthrough. Fortunately, in Stardew Valley, these tools never break, but each has a limitation depending on its quality.

Players may discover that their starter toolkit is no longer adequate as they advance through the game. Players must locate a location to update their tools in order to make living in Stardew Valley easier. This tutorial can be used as assistance for players who want to enhance their tools in order to acquire stronger skills.

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Tools in Stardew Valley

All tools begin with a standard quality; bronze is an improvement. The Axe and Pickaxe, for example, simply become more efficient and allow you to consume less energy to complete tasks, whereas the Hoe, Fishing Rods, and Watering Can get unique abilities in addition to improving their efficiency. By giving you a way to get around obstacles and into updated places, the axe and pickaxe can let you access new ones.

Where to Upgrade Tools

Players can find a variety of locations to explore and NPCs to interact with throughout the town. JojaMart and Pierre’s are useful for loading up on supplies, but the Blacksmith is the only location where player tools can be upgraded.

Located in the southeast corner of the map, Clint’s Blacksmith Shop is on the other side of the river from the town center. Most days, this store is open from 9 am until 4 pm. During this time, talking to Clint, one of Stardew Valley’s gentler NPCs, reveals his service menu and the choice to upgrade tools.

When to Upgrade Tools

Four tool upgrades are available to players. These instruments can be improved:

  • Watering Can
  • Hoe
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe

This entails elevating the fundamental tools to the levels of copper, steel, gold, and finally iridium. Five bars of the specific ore and progressively more expensive prices in gold are required for each upgrade. Players will probably discover that it is less expensive to spend time in Stardew Valley’s mines even though Clint does sell ore and coal in his shop.

  • Basic Tool
  • Copper version
  • Steel version
  • Gold version
  • Iridium version

It is probably time to invest in an update when players see scenery pieces that their existing quality tool cannot remove or when they discover that their current tool consumes too much time and energy compared to how frequently they use it. Players must prepare ahead of time because Clint must wait two in-game days before upgrading the tool in question.

Those who have planted crops and are looking to replace their watering can should keep this in mind especially. It would be wiser in this situation to watch the weather report on television and hold off on giving Clint their watering can until the next day’s forecast forecasts for rain. By making this kind of preparation, a player can water their crops, send the watering can in for an upgrade, let the next day’s rainwater wet the crops, then pick up their watering can on the third day to go home and water once more.

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