How to use Controllers in PUBG Mobile

This article will discuss that how can you utilize your fingers to score well in PUBG mobile. A number of triggers are available in market for your ease. Some call it controller but it only triggers and shoot. People are curious about the launching of controllers of PUBG Mobile. It has been more than two years since PUBG launhed, and there is no news from Tencent that they will launch controller in near future. Although the Tencent’s other major product “Call of Duty Mobile” has launched the support of controllers in late 2019, so it can’t be decleared that Tencent will not add this to PUBG Mobile.

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The trigger type (clips) are easy to install and less time consuming method. These will only used when you will shoot fire. If you have not enabled shooting settings from control scheme, triggers will not work even fitted on the right place. To enable fire shooting from these spots, follow following instructions:

  • Go the settings in the game
  • On your right-hand side, find Controls and then Customize.
  • In customization, you will have numerous buttons. Now, it is upto you that which button would you like to display on the top-side where trigger will hit.
  • If you play only on mobile, this will help you. But if you play on both desktop and mobile themn it is recommended to create a new layout for mobile.
  • When finished, click Save and then Exit.

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