8 Best Valheim Cheats and Console Commands- How to use them?

Last updated on March 13th, 2021 at 04:24 am

Valheim cheats and console commands will help you in dealing with the harsh world that is filled with mythical creatures and brutal bosses. When you are just a beginner in Valheim, these cheats will assist you to get success in-game.

Valheim is a hit survival game that is in early access. Here players are dropped into a strategically developed world that is based on Nose mythology. They will have to craft, build, sail, and fight to survive. It can be played by up to 10 players in PvE and co-op modes.

By using Valheim’s console commands, you can become invulnerable, teleport, reveal the whole map, and a whole lot more. Out of all the Valhem cheats available, in this guide, we have listed our favorite 8 cheats that will help you start off.

Before getting into the guide it is important to know that cheats can only be used in single-player However, general server commands can be used in multiplayer servers. Also, use these cheats at your own risk. They may have the potential to cause bugs, glitches, and even break your world if you use them too often. Further, there is not much known about the effects of these cheats on your saved game.

How to enable Valheim cheats and console command?

To open the command console press F5. Now that the console command is open you can begin by typing the command that you are looking to use.

For using cheats you need to type “iamacheater”. Once you have entered the command correctly you will find a message in the next line stating that cheats are true. This means the cheats have been activated.

activate valheim cheats

To deactivate Valheim cheats just enter “iamcheater” again.

Best Valheim cheats:

  • God mode: “god”

Valheim is full of powerful creatures that lurk in the woods and random advances that would challenge even the most prepared Viking. If you are looking for a much more peaceful experience, consider trying out god mode. It will make you completely invincible to all damage.

  • Kill All: “killall”

Pairing well with god mode the “killall” cheat is great for those who simply cannot be bothered to defeat mods. This cheat will kill any creature that is at a set distance from your character.

  • Spawn any item: “spawn [item] [quantity] [level]”

Are you tired of spending time collecting resources or searching for a particular creature? Why not just spawn it using the spawn item cheat. It is as simple as typing your item code and the quantity of it that you want. For example, if you want amber, you have to enter “Spawn Amber 50”

You will find the complete list of all the codes of items that you can spawn here.

  • Debug mode: “debugmode”

Valheim cheats for flying

You want to start crafting but are stuck due to lack of supplies? By entering the debug mode, you will get the ability to use creative mode. Not only will you gain the ability to fly by pressing Z, but also kill all the enemies in the area by pressing K. You can also freely place any item by pressing B.

  • Raise skill level: “raiseskill [skill] [amount]”

Valheim cheat to raise skill

By now you would have realized that Valheim is quite the grind, especially if you are playing by yourself. Now you can take away the grind by leveling up your skills automatically with the raise skill cheat. Well, reaching level 100 won’t necessarily make things as quick as you might have wanted. But you will still notice a large improvement in the time taken to gather resources.

  • Explore map: “explore map”

Valheim cheats to unlock world map

You want the perfect spot to build your dream base. Now you can unlock the whole world map in a matter of seconds with the explore world cheat.

  • Tame animals easily: “tame”

Valheim cheats to tame animals

Taming animals such as wolves, wild boars or lox is an easy process but it takes a lot of time. You can simply spawn the animal that you want and use the tame cheat to instantly domesticate them.

  • Teleport to locations: “goto [x,z]”

Found a cool location but you haven’t managed to unlock a teleporter yet? Now you can go to any spot on the map instantly. Simply input the x and z coordinates of any location using the “goto” cheat. If you are not sure of the location, you can use the “pos” cheat to print your character’s exact location.

Although there is a lot more to learn, these are the best Valheim cheats for you to start off. These cheats will help you make quick progress. If you any queries or suggestions mention them in the comments section.

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