How To Win Stardew Valley Fair

To purchase yourself that priceless Stardrop, you’ll need 2,000 Star Tokens, and the Fair Grange Display competition is the greatest method to acquire them.

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Every year on October 16th in Pelican Town, there is a wonderful event called the Stardew Valley Fair. It’s a time when the community comes together for enjoyable activities and when local artisans and shop owners showcase their superb work. The ability of farmers to showcase the best of their yearly harvest is of particular appeal to players.

The Grange Display is Stardew Valley’s premier occasion for you to display your progress on the farm, and it takes place in the fall. To demonstrate that your farm creates the best products in Stardew Valley, you’ll compete against Marnie, Willy, and Pierre. If you don’t, Pierre, who is renowned for winning the competition every year, is the one to defeat. This manual will provide you with all the knowledge you need to triumph and consistently humiliate him.

Fall is undoubtedly one of the game’s most evocative seasons, and it’s frequently described as dreamy and hazy. The Spirit’s Eve and The Stardew Valley Fair, two of the best festivals that take place in Pelican Town, are both held in the fall. The Fair is an event with rust-colored Mini-games including the fishing Mini-Game, which can have you hooked for at least 30 minutes. You can exchange the Star Tokens you earn from winning these games for goods at the Token Seller’s booth. Although The Token Seller provides products that are only available during this event, The Stardrop Fruit may be the best thing you can get from him.

Star Tokens can be acquired in a variety of methods, but winning in the Fair Grange Display Festival is the quickest way to do so. Therefore, we’re going to give you some advice on how to succeed in the Fair Grange Display Contest in today’s article so you can get that coveted Stardrop Fruit in your first year.

Biggest Adversary In The Fair

You will compete in the Fair Grange Display Contest alongside Marnie, Willy, and Pierre. Willy presents all the nicest fish he’s caught, Pierre displays all the crops he’s harvested over the course of the year in the fair, and Marnie displays all the animal products from her ranch in the fair.

Being a farmer means you have all the tools and resources you need to win this competition stored away on your farm. Pierre, on the other hand, is someone to look out for because he’ll give you a run for your money if you try to compete with him.

The second-largest business in Pelican Town is owned by Pierre. It is hardly unexpected that he consistently wins this type of competition given all the retailed goods he supplies for the locals on a daily basis. The points you receive from the items you put on exhibit will determine how you can defeat him.

Rules Of The Contest

Like he does at every festival, Mayor Lewis will serve as both the host and the judge for this one. Since you will already earn 14 points for participating, he will try his best to assess the contest fairly. You will receive one point for each item you place in your box. Consequently, you will already have 9 points if you have 9 products. The following is how you earn points:

  • 9 Items – Plus 9 Points
  • 8 Items – Plus 7 Points
  • 7 Items – Plus 5 Points
  • 6 Items – Plus 3 Points
  • 5 Items – Plus 1 Point

Even if you don’t give your selections much care, strive to fill up every slot in your box because having fewer than five items will result in a penalty. Thus:

  • 4 Items  – Minus 1 point
  • 3 Items – Minus 3 points
  • 2 Items – Minus 5 points
  • 1 Item –  Minus 7 points
  • 0 Item – Minus 9 points

The Star Token you receive will depend on how many points you earn in the competition in the fair:

  • First place – 1,000 Star Tokens
  • Second Place – 500 Star Tokens
  • Third Place – 200 Star Tokens
  • Fourth Place – 50 Star Tokens
  • Disqualified – 750 Star Tokens

First place is awarded for scoring 90 points in the fair, second for scoring 75 points in the fair, third for scoring 60 points in the fair, and fourth for scoring less than 50 points in the fair. If you put Mayor Lewis’ Lucky Purple Shorts in the Grange Display, you risk being disqualified, but you won’t leave empty-handed since the Mayor will pay you 750 Star Tokens to keep quiet about his shorts.

The price of each item determines how the Mayor judges it, therefore the more expensive your item is, the more points you’ll receive. The overall score of your display will be impacted by the caliber of your goods as well.

Best Items

It would be ideal to include goods from each category since certain items from different categories are preferred in this competition inside the fair. For each item you utilize yourself from the following categories, you will receive an additional 5 points:

Foraged Items: It should go without saying that you must select a foraged object of iridium-level quality. The competition also takes into account flowers and tree sap in addition to mushrooms and other common foraged foods that can be collected from the ground. A Fairy Rose would be an excellent option for this category if you’re in your first year, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can use a Purple Mushroom in its instead.

Minerals: Choose one from your assortment of stones, gems, or relics. Choosing minerals like the Neptunite or the Helvite will earn you a high score if you’re like most people and spent a lot of time at The Mines during your first year of college. You’re in luck if you have an extra Prismatic Shard. Since Prismatic Shard often sells for 2,000 gold, you can count on getting 6 points for it.

Vegetables: The best vegetable with the highest price on the market is simple to select, but in your first year, you might only have a small number of crops stashed away in your chest. If you were able to harvest them and spare them for this competition, use a pumpkin or red cabbage.

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Fruits: If you take into account the pricing of Fruit Saplings, you can have an abundance of fruits in this game, but if you’re a beginner, you won’t be able to get them easily in your first year. For gamers that selected the Fruit Bat Cave rather than the Mushroom Cave, it’s an altogether different tale. You can use whatever apples or pears you can find in your fruit bat cave. However, if you have some in your store, starfruit is the ideal fruit to utilize.

Fish: You can use Legendary Fish you have stashed away in your chest to score 6 to 8 points. Any aquatic animal will do for first-time players, with the mayor’s classification of clams as trash preventing them from earning the extra 5 points.

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Animal Products: You may use milk, wool, eggs, or any other animal-derived product that hasn’t been put through a machine yet. An ostrich egg or a golden egg is the ideal animal product to include. Large Goat Milk is the finest option during this time because getting Ostriches or Golden Chicken in your first year is virtually impossible.

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Cooked Items: Any food, whether it was prepared in the kitchen or purchased from a store, may be used. You can create a Survival Burger or purchase a Trout Soup from Willy’s Fish Shop prior to the festival if you don’t yet have a kitchen in your home.

Artisan Goods: You can choose from a variety of processed foods. The most straightforward ones to manufacture in our first year are goat cheese, cloth, honey, or jelly. However, ancient wine, starfruit wine, and truffle oil are undoubtedly the best of the bunch.

Winning The First Prize

If you speak with Mayor Lewis and give him the go-ahead to start judging, he will start analyzing all of your items. He will approach the boxes one at a time, and after he is done, you can approach him once more to learn the competition’s outcomes.

You will receive 1,000 Star Tokens as your reward if you take home the top prize. After obtaining that many Star Tokens, the Stardrop Fruit will be easier to obtain than before. You can also speak with Pierre once more and observe how he acts after losing the competition. You can stay at the fair for as long as you like, so keep accumulating tokens until you have enough to buy whatever it is you want from the token seller.

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