#1 Dungeon Soda – What is the simplest way to get money and loot quickly?

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Soda Dungeon
Soda Dungeon

Before anything, I will give you an overview of the game

Dungeon Soda is a free game that is very similar to deception games and is in its content an embodiment of the roles and you must prepare teams of adventurers, this game appears as an old school and a semi-ridiculous atmosphere and there are many old classic habits such as swords and magic, this game is characterized by the automatic battle feature and you can harvest a lot of elements And gold without manually grinding, you only have to arm your team and run the grinding and return after a period of time and you will find the elements and gold


Dungeon Soda – The first 500 levels:

At these levels you are still a beginner and want to get a lot of gold in the fastest time, then! All you have to do is check your computer, try to stop auto on a boss and steal from them. Keep in mind that you need 3 Theives 2 Healers and put on them a shield of shields that gives you gold. Now you got the money? You can save or spend it on the essence, but I advise you to upgrade Liquid Gold if you want more gold.


Dungeon Soda – From 501 to 1000

You are now not a beginner and these levels ask you many things. I will mention them to you in the following with the order, explaining the tasks of each of them:


  • 1Darkmage and this is responsible for the damage
  • 1Knight to defend your allies
  • 1 Theif gives you extra gold and opens the boxes
  • 2 Healers to tackle your team

Dungeon Soda – 1,000 to 9,999

You are now at higher levels but need 3 Darkmages, a Theif, and a Knight to get Shifters or through Void Cola, and you need 4 Darkmages and a Knight if you are higher


Dungeon Soda – 10,000+

You have to take the following steps if you want to do well at this level

  • Ragezerker:  His job is to reinforce the attack
  • Knight, Darkmage
  • Thief, Darkmage
  • Thief, Darkmage
  • Thief , and Darkmage
Soda Dungeon
Soda Dungeon

Dungeon Soda – Merchants and Demon Horns


You should be aware that merchants only useful in very limited situations so I advise you not to use them, there are many things that you can use and they will be better like nexin which causes poisoning and drinking and it is very harmful and causes huge damage , however the blue slime that can be obtained Easily it is the best and this is bad! They do not reduce stats or reduce your attack


Dungeon Soda – Shifters

Since it is possible to obtain two capabilities of any beneficiary at the same time, they are similar to all beneficiaries, and they provide stones with a level that rises up x times in any dong. If you use a processor in order to grind, then the Healer Stone’s level will rise . You can get the shepherd after it arrives Stone to the level of certification


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