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Imperator: Rome is a strategy war-game developed and published by Paradox Interactive in 2019. It was a successor to Euroa Universalis: Rome which was released in 2008. This game received generally good reviews from critics even. This article will provide information about useful console commands to mess around in the game.


The Commands & their outcomes

    • help – Helps you by showing all the console commands in the game.
    • 3dstats – It will appear in the middle-left of the screen, showing accurate information involving FPS.
    • debug_mode – Displays your previous provinces you looked at. It will benefit for some given commands below.
    • amnesia TAG – It will turn off AI of a tag/country. To find out a tag of a country again, use debug_mode.
    • annex TAG – It will takeover selected tag/country..
    • observe / ob – It will enter in the Drew Durnil mode.
    • yesmen / yesman / ym – It will allow to AI to accept all of your proposals.
    • tyranny 00 – It will change your behavior and you can do it by by changing 00 to any number including negative.
    • cash 00 – It will change your money, cash as well as gold.
    • pirates PROVINCE – It spawns a pirate fleet in the province. You can change province to any sea province number as you wish.
    • stab 00 – Your stability will be changed. You can do it by changing 00 to any number.
    • warexhaustion 00 – To feel relax, apply this code. It will release all the war exhaustion.
    • power 00 – It will increase your power by adding number. If no number is selected, game will automatically add 1k power.
    • army 00 PROVINCE – It adds selected archers in the selected province. You can also change province to any other province land.
    • ae 00 – It will add aggressive expansion in your country. You will also select number for adding. If you do not add any number, the game will automatically add 20 aggressive expansions.
    • ai – It will turn on/off the AI.
    • centralisation 00 – It will change your centralization to the selected number.
    • declare_war TAG1 TAG2 – You can select country 1 to declare war on selected country 2.
    • conquer PROVINCE – You can own a Province which you want. After that, you will have to colonize it.
    • forcepeace – It will immediately stop all your running wars.
    • civil_war TAG – It will start a civil war in your selected country.
    • set_age CHARACTER_TAG 00 – It changes the characters age as per your request. You can add any age by changing this 00 number to any number.
    • state_loyalty PROVINCE 00 – You can change your loyalty with any province. You can just do it by changing number 00 to any number.
    • t / tag TAG – It will take you to the selected country or tag.
    • technology 00 – It increases your technology level to the selected number. If not selected the game will automatically set it to 1.
    • marry CHARACTER_TAG1 CHARACTER_TAG2 – It is responsible to carry out Marriage between two characters.
    • make_Child FATHER_CHARACTER_TAG – This code will change selected father to a child.
    • legitimacy 00 – It will change the monarch’s legitimacy to selected number. I f you will not choose any number, the game will automatically add 10.
    • kill CHARACTER_TAG – It will kill your selected character.
    • instant_war – This code will declare or stop the war.
    • control PROVINCE – It occupies any Province you want to have. It will change your province land to selected province.

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