How to Join a LAN world in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Join a LAN world in Minecraft?

Join a LAN world in Minecraft

Streaming Minecraft LAN refers to playing a multiplayer game with other users who are connected to the same network as you. The term “LAN” stands for Local Area Network.

This keeps your session private since other players from across the world are unable to join the game while you are playing in a LAN environment.

If you’re all close to one another, playing LAN is also the simplest option to connect and play with pals because it guarantees the lowest ping. If you and your pals are all living in the same house, it makes little sense to join a remote internet server and play with a large ping.


Complete Guide

How to Join a LAN world in Minecraft?


Getting Into A Minecraft LAN World

If this is your first time hosting or participating in a LAN game, there are a few things you should be aware of before entering a Minecraft LAN world.

The player with the most potent PC should be the one hosting the server. This is due to the fact that while you’re operating the server, the game becomes much more demanding.
In order to see each other in the list of available games, you must first make sure that everyone is connected to the same network.


You must perform the following in order to join the world after it has been created:

On your PC, launch Minecraft.
The second option on the menu, which should be Multiplayer, should be selected.
The game will immediately begin looking for local network servers.
Click Join Server after selecting the server. Unless you’re playing from an internet cafĂ© or a gaming establishment where numerous individuals are hosting servers on the same network, it should be the only server you see.

Join a LAN world in Minecraft

You will now join the server, but if for some reason this doesn’t work, there is another approach you may take that makes use of Minecraft’s Direct Connect function.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

On your PC, launch Minecraft.
After selecting Multiplayer, select Direct Connect.
The IP address and port for the host must be entered here.
If the IP and port you entered were both accurate, clicking Join Server will result in an instant connection.

Note: You may perform the following to determine the IP address and port needed for this method:

Type “ipconfig” into the Command Prompt window on the host computer while it is open with administrator rights.
Make a copy of the IPv4 address and record it someplace.
The port number will be presented in the conversation when you launch the LAN world. You’ll need to enter this later in the Direct Connect area, so make a note of it as well.

Join a LAN world in Minecraft

You may watch the helpful video below for a complete walkthrough of these steps if you’d like to see them in visual form.

All that’s left to do is locate a partner so you can regularly make use of LAN Minecraft’s advantages.

If you are used to playing online with a greater ping, being on the same network as the host will improve your experience with Minecraft since it is much more responsive and better.



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