Kingdoms and Castles – How to Get 100% Achievement

Kingdoms and Castles is a video game in which you grow your kingdom from a small hamlet to a sprawling city and imposing castle. It is developed and published by ‘Lion Shield’ in 2017. It can be played on only operating systems such as Windows, Mac-OS and Linux. This article will help you to achieve all the achievements to 100% in this game. It is helpful for both the city and the military based achievements.

How to Get 100% Achievement

City Advancement Achievements

Your First Hamlet

In the beginning, build your first keep.

Your First Village

To rule on population you need people. Get your city population to more than 25.

Your First Town

Now, show your leadership skills and get the city population to 100+. More people, more you will be followed.

Your First City

The time has come to govern on the entire city and this is only possible when you will take the city population to 250+.

Humble Kingdom

How lucky you are that people has chosen you as a King. More than 1000 population will follow you as a King.

Thriving Kingdom

You have faced many hardships and now able to rule on a bigger post. Now people trust you and want to see you on this post. You have to get your population more than 1500.

Dignified Kingdom

Few people could reach there and you are a lucky one that you achieved this milestone. Get your city population to 2000+ .

Magnificent Kingdom

This is the post where everyone want to be. Because this is the ruler which will be remembered in the history for his exceptional ruling techniques. Take the city population to 3500+.

Kingdom of the Gods

Now, you are the supreme leader for your nation. Your junior kings are now your sub-ordinates. Your name will be written in the golden book for bravery and strength. City population will get to 5000+ in this stage.

Military Based Achievements

Slayer of Ogres

You will need to kill one Ogre using your Army. There is no match between your kingdom and Ogres.

Slayer of Dragons

Use your Archer to kill a dragon.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Tower of Babel

To reach heavens, you need to build the towers. You can build towers using Castle Walls really high.

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